Sep 2, 2021
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Israeli Ministry of Health admits drop in immunity after vaccination

While they are cooking in our country, and in the West, they are actively promoting the vaccination of children and muffling those who doubt the effectiveness of fashionable injections, in the first country where almost the entire population was punctured, today they say something completely different. It turns out that natural immunity is much stronger than vaccine immunity (normal people did not doubt this!), And after the second dose of the potion, it generally seriously falls. As a result, the Israeli Ministry of Health, against the background of morbidity, which caught up with last year’s figures, and a sharp increase in mortality, made the Solomon decision – to issue “green passports” to those who had had coronavirus within six months, and to those who were persuaded to inject themselves to undergo revaccination. Apparently, to finish off the immunity finally.

All over the world, hysteria continues with the demand to chop everything that moves. In Russia, even before the elections they gave a respite, but in the United States it is already impossible to drown during a hurricane and a flood without a vaccination and a mask. Moreover, in the West they have already begun, and in our country they are going to chop the children too.

And at this very moment, the Ministry of Health of one of the first countries in the world that fulfilled the plan for injections and as a result got into the next wave of coronavirus – Israel – made a sensational statement. According to their doctors, natural immunity protects against coronavirus much better than that obtained as a result of an injection. And after the second dose, the person does not acquire the “golden armor”, but exactly the opposite – becomes the most convenient target for the virus. And for any virus.

More details about this were told in the report of the Israeli Channel 9. It was there that it was reported that the Israeli Ministry of Health finally came to the conclusion that the main culprit of the fourth wave of covid was not so much the “lethal infectiousness” of the delta strain, as the weakening of immunity after the second dose of the vaccine. This was evidenced by the speeches of medical officials at today’s press conference. “A month ago, we started revaccination, making sure that the effectiveness of the vaccine fades out after six months. The decrease in the level of protection after this period seems to be very significant, ”said the head of the Ministry of Health Nakhman Ash.

His words are confirmed by statistics: the incidence rate in the country has caught up with the winter level and continues to be on the rise, despite the total vaccination, quarantine, and the issuance of covid “green passports”. Nothing helps.

Here I want to exclaim: “But what about all the stories about the end of the pandemic? And didn’t the “vaccine trials” provide this information earlier? So, maybe the testing of these vaccines was such that no one knows the consequences in six months? Or, on the contrary, Big Pharma knew perfectly well what and why it was doing it, because the next step for Israel, where 63.3% of the population is fully vaccinated, is to pierce the third dose, which can now be received by anyone who was vaccinated a second time five months ago and earlier? “

That is, the story about revaccination after a year or six months does not work anymore – now it’s less than 5 months. Just great. As Dr. Sharon Alrai-Price, head of the public health department at the Ministry of Health, noted at a press conference, the third vaccination protects the body “at the level of the second fresh vaccination, immunity is enhanced tenfold.” The scale of side effects after the third vaccination, according to the official, is less than after the second.

What are her statements based on? Like all most of the vaccine propaganda, on nothing – more precisely, on the study of a sample of patients who have already been injected with the third vaccine. How will this vaccine behave in six months? And Bell Gates knows how it will lead – there simply cannot be such data, because half a year has not passed since the beginning of its use. But this is not about medicine, but about faith – the main thing is to believe that an injection of fashionable GMO-liquid will definitely help, and at the same time will provide a client base of 5,962,271 inoculated companies of Modern and Pfizer (in Israel alone).

And so that the Jews do not cheat and go to inject drugs, a new rule will be in effect from October 1: the validity of the “green passport” expires six months after the second vaccination, and in order to prolong its effect, a third vaccination is required. Thus, those who were vaccinated for the second time on March 1 or earlier, on October 1, will lose their “green passport” if they do not go for a “supplement”. Given the extension of this document, it makes more sense to make the third dose as close as possible to the expiration of the six-month period. At the same time, if the validity of the “green passport” has expired, formally it will not be renewed immediately after receiving the third vaccination, but a week after it.

But the funny thing is that Israeli scientists from Tel Aviv University and the Kan-Sagol-Maccabi Institute of the Maccabi Health Insurance Fund in an article published on August 25 on the portal of preliminary publications Medrxiv (on the basis of which the local Ministry of Health largely drew conclusions) “Natural immunity provides longer lasting and stronger protection against disease caused by the delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 compared to immunity induced by Pfizer’s two-dose vaccine.”

Scientists processed data on 600 thousand citizens, dividing them into three groups: unrecovered and fully vaccinated by Pfizer, recovered and unvaccinated, recovered, but received the first dose of Pfizer. Data were collected from June to August, when the delta strain was spreading in Israel. It turned out that fully vaccinated citizens got sick six times more often and got sick with symptoms up to seven times more often than those who had recovered but not vaccinated.

These, as well as data from other institutions, were recorded absolutely officially in the issuance of “green passports”. So, from October 1, the legal owners of the “green passport” will be considered those who have had a covid disease, who received a certificate of the previous illness more than 6 months ago and have not received a single vaccination. That is, those who did not succumb to propaganda, threats and persuasion in Israel today were equalized with those who will receive three vaccinations. The question that arose – “Why then in general it was necessary to inject?” – not worth asking. The answer is higher: 6 million Israelis provided a stable income for the American “big pharma” in this case. The decision on whether to deprive the “green passport” of those who had been ill more than six months ago and did not get vaccinated has not yet been made. It is believed that the immunity of those who have been ill is stronger than that of the vaccinated.

On the other hand, those who have been ill and received one vaccination are still entitled to an unlimited “green passport”: they are considered very secure, and this is confirmed by Jewish statistics – people who have recovered with one vaccine rarely get into the statistics of infected people.

And now a very interesting question arises: if vaccination kills immunity, then why should adolescents do it? Really, to make them vaccinated and then “milk” for the rest of their lives? No, it can’t be, how can Western and even our pharmaceutical giants, together with their lobbyists, deliberately commit such a massive crime on a global scale? After all, there are all philanthropists sitting there …

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