Sep 7, 2022
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“Israeli experience” or rocket attacks on Lviv: What will stop the Bandera terror?

In the photo: smoke at the explosion site in Berdyansk

In the photo: smoke at the site of the explosion in Berdyansk (Photo: Our Berdyansk / Telegram)

The second explosion in a day occurred in Berdyansk, the chairman of the movement “We are together with Russia”, a member of the main council of the administration of the Zaporozhye region, said on the Telegram channel on September 6 Vladimir Rogov.

“Another explosion sounded in Berdyansk. This time in the Slobodka area. Firefighters were on the scene. The circumstances of the incident are being clarified,” he wrote.

Earlier in the city, which came under the control of Russian troops, the car of the commandant of the city was blown up Artem Bardin. He was hospitalized in serious condition. Soon, there were reports of his death, but they were refuted.

“Despite severe injuries, explosive leg amputation and massive blood loss, he is alive. Doctors continue to fight for his life,” said Vladimir Rogov.

In any case, even if Bardeen can be saved, the question arises: if the commandant cannot feel safe, then no one can.

How long will it last? Where is the response? Does Kyiv have its own people in the city?

– If it was not difficult to control the border line with Crimea – only two highways and a narrow isthmus, now the line of contact with the territory of Ukraine is hundreds of kilometers and dozens of highways, – notes Chairman of the Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine Larisa Shesler.

– Naturally, such a long border cannot be controlled by a limited contingent, and terrorists and saboteurs of the SBU penetrate into the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. In addition, of course, among the hundreds of thousands of people who found themselves in the zone of control of the Russian army, there are Ukrainian nationalists who were brought up in hatred in Russia.

Given the constant pumping of such a contingent from Kyiv, one can expect fierce sabotage activities in Berdyansk, Melitopol and Kherson.

“SP”: What do you think is the purpose of the attack? Kill the commandant of Berdyansk? Intimidate the population?

– Terror is a means to weaken the influence of Russia in the liberated territories, to prevent normal civilian life from being established there. A quiet life and a working economy in these areas will contrast strikingly with poverty, unemployment and broken heating in the territories controlled by Ukraine. That is why the threat of sabotage and terror is a serious danger to the new authorities in Novorossiya and to the civilian population that wants a peaceful life.

“SP”: Can you scare people?

“Of course, such terrorist attacks demoralize Russian supporters; teachers and doctors who have started working in hospitals and schools are afraid. Officials and farmers, entrepreneurs and employees of urban utilities are afraid. Ordinary firefighters and housing and communal services workers are declared traitors and collaborators.

Naturally, all this affects the organization of civil life management. This is what the Kyiv authorities are counting on.

“SP”: Do you think that as the allied forces advance and the evidence of the military defeat of Kyiv grows, the terror will intensify?

– I am sure that, on the contrary, the current aggravation of sabotage activities is due to the slowdown in the advance of Russian troops. The Ukrainian authorities and the SBU are gaining confidence that they will hold out in Kyiv, and therefore they are increasing their activity against Russia in the already liberated territories.

If the Russian army were now attacking Kyiv and Lvov, then someone in Kyiv might begin to fear that someday responsibility for all terrorist attacks and explosions would come. In addition, the withdrawal of SBU units from neighboring newly liberated territories would limit the delivery of explosives and other means for terrorist attacks.

The slowness of the NMD threatens not with a decrease in civilian casualties, but, on the contrary, with a sharp increase in sabotage and terrorist attacks, and we see how their number has increased many times over the past two months. A decisive blow to the central organs of the SBU could have prevented such casualties.

“SP”: — How to stop the Bandera terror? Donetsk tribunal with extremely tight deadlines? Use the experience of Israel, which responded to every terrorist attack with their “response”? Attacks on Lvov with “Daggers”? Elimination of Yarosh and others?

– The fight against terror is a very difficult task that can be solved only in a complex. It is high time to declare the SBU and the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine as terrorist organizations, all those who serve there are terrorists, and all those who come into contact with them are accomplices of terrorists.

I am skeptical about the possibility of strikes with “Daggers” on Lviv or Ternopil. If this were possible, these strikes would have been carried out after the Zaporizhya Nuclear Power Plant was fired with missiles or after the sinking of the Moskva.

Unfortunately, I am sure that it will be possible to completely solve this problem only after Kyiv, the core of this terrorism, is completely taken under control. But both in the Soviet Union and in modern Russia there is a positive experience of defeating the Bandera and Wahhabi underground, so I am sure that this current infection will be defeated.

“The goal of any terrorist attack is to make thousands of people feel unsafe,” I am convinced Doctor of Philosophy, Head. Department of Sociology and Management, BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov Mikhail Ignatov.

– Hence the choice of target – the commandant of the city. The person who is the guarantor of safety. Notice! Not the richest man, not the most popular politician, but the one who stands guard.

“SP”: – It turns out that Russia does not control the city enough. If they carry out successful sabotage operations in it?

— Terrorism is a network phenomenon. Everything that carries the structure of the network has the following attributes – scalability, flexibility and adaptability.

Simply put, the very fact that the city is occupied by certain troops does not clean out the supporters of the regime that is in opposition to the victors. This is a completely different level of combat. Hidden, shadow, network. A network can only be destroyed by another network or by hitting all its actors (decision-making centers) at the same time. Such work is possible in full measure only after the completion of the main phases of the SVO.

Remember how terrorist attacks shook our country for a long time after the end of the Chechen campaigns. The shadow war, the war on the network or terror in its particular manifestation is not something that can be solved by regular, albeit represented by contract soldiers, troops. Hence the conclusion that it is not a matter of control over the perimeter – air defense systems and other types of troops, Russia has provided more than enough for classic military operations. And they work well. Here the matter is already in the long and difficult work of agents. With this, in the conditions of the NWO, objectively, the situation is still more complicated. Hence the presence of its own people in Kyiv is inevitable, unfortunately.

“SP”: Will this undermine the public’s confidence in Russia? Will it not reduce the number of people who want to work in administrations?

– Purely psychologically, of course, this complicates the situation. At least if our troops and law enforcement agencies do not draw prompt and, most importantly, demonstrative conclusions. Death is an inevitability. But its main horror is suddenness. If you like, only confidence in safety, that “lightning will not strike twice in the same place” is capable of leveling the harm from acts of terrorism. If work is carried out in this spirit, the fear will go away.

“SP”: What should Russia do with all this? To use the “Israeli” experience – to destroy the organizers of terror? There are other options?

— Yes, perhaps, the experience of Israel is one of the most significant. But there are a number of big “buts”. First. This did not help Israel finally solve the problem of terrorism. But to give rise to new rounds of violence – yes.

Second. Israel is at war. We are freeing. And during the liberation, losses among the civilian population should be minimized. This is a different situation. There is only one way out. Elimination of the root cause, which is found in the financial and military flows to Ukraine that support terrorist activities. And here, yes, the conclusion is simple. Destruction of supply logistics and training of terrorist entities in Ukraine. But to do this without harming the civilian population is possible only with deep undercover work. Let’s just hope she goes.

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