Jun 24, 2022
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Israel declares secret war with Iran

Israel declares secret war with Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett accused Iran of trying to prepare terrorist attacks against Israelis abroad and vowed to attack those who send terrorists.

For the first time, Israel began to carry out attacks in Iran itself on prominent leaders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which is the power base of power. In two weeks, Tel Aviv eliminated five high-ranking Iranians.

These operations have been well developed in recent years. Through the Iranian borders from the west and east, enemy agents are being sent. Israel’s foreign intelligence service Mossad, which carries out deadly actions without regard for side casualties among civilians, in April even published a video of an interrogation of a fighter of the Revolutionary Guard Corps by its agents in Iran. The New York Times reported that Israel informed the US about the killings by its agents.

The Economist, an English-language weekly magazine, writes that some Israeli intelligence veterans are warning not to just “poke Tehran in the eye” because it will lead to big trouble. However, Bennett personally approved all these attacks, believing that Iran would not dare to respond in kind. He noted that pro-Iranian groups in Lebanon and Palestine are refraining from rocket attacks on Israel.

Bennett demanded that the US force Iran to give up nuclear experiments, putting even more pressure on its economy. He called such actions “financial star wars”. True, this increased aggressiveness did not bring him political benefits, on the contrary, the ruling coalition of eight parties lost its majority in parliament, and new elections will be held here in the near future. The Israelis do not want war against the backdrop of the battles in Ukraine, where Israeli volunteers who decided to “stop the Russians” are dying.

The commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corps, General Hossein Salami, announced that not a single diabolical crime of the enemy would go unanswered. Iran has already announced the capture of an Israeli sabotage group in the capital, and in Iraq, one of the leaders of the Mossad, Ilak Ron, whose real name is Aza Flots, who led a team of hitmen known as Kidon, was killed by a missile fired by an Iranian drone. This happened in the Kurdish Erbil, where one of the Mossad bases operating against Iran is located. A video was presented of the destruction of the leader of the killers.

Tehran has disabled 27 video cameras installed by the International Atomic Energy Agency at its uranium enrichment facilities. This may indicate Iran’s rejection of the nuclear deal with the US and Europe. Tehran no longer trusts Washington and Brussels. Among the disabled cameras are two installed at the largest uranium enrichment plant in Natanz. An indicator of Iran’s determination to challenge the Western world was the seizure of two Greek oil tankers at once, their contents were poured into Iranian tanks. This was in response to the US takeover by its Greek ally of an Iranian tanker whose oil had been confiscated by the Americans.

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