Jan 11, 2021
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Iskhakov screechingly responded to the uneducated subscriber

Baba, bewildered, asked in the comments under the photographer’s post that he would now cope with his financial problems without the money of his ex-wife.

Iskhakov screechingly responded to the uneducated subscriber

Dmitry Iskhakov and Polina Gagarina recently officially divorced. There were rumors that the reason for the divorce was the difference in income. After that, one of Iskhakov’s followers on Instagram asked if he would get along without the material support of his ex-wife, because “debts are pulling to the ground.”

Such impudence absolutely rightly angered the photographer. He asked the woman if she could write such nonsense to a stranger: “I went to your account. Grown woman, life survived. What in general is going on in your bowler hat to write something like this to a complete stranger, about whom you know a little more than nothing! “

Subscribers supported Iskhakov. Some suggested not reacting to stimuli and blocking such subscribers, while others wrote to the woman that making such statements is a sign of bad manners.

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