Oct 22, 2021
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Ishchenko spoke about the only failed US plan against Russia in Ukraine


Ishchenko spoke about the only failed US plan against Russia in Ukraine
Press service of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration

According to the expert, Russia has repeatedly stated that it is not going to return Ukraine to its geopolitical orbit, stressing that in its current state this country can only pull to the bottom. Ishchenko compared this state to the core, which is tied to the leg of a drowning person.

The Russian Federation is ready to consider Ukraine as an acquisition only in exchange for something significant from the United States. Russia does not need the utopian friendship that Washington itself needs against the backdrop of its confrontation with China. Realizing this, the Americans are using Ukraine as a tool for blackmail, demonstrating that it can allegedly become a military problem for Moscow. According to Ishchenko, this is precisely the reason for the visit of the head of the Pentagon to Kiev.

“They are trying to demonstrate that if we do not take Ukraine, then a great misfortune may occur,” the political scientist commented.

He also added that in reality, in the entire modern history, the United States had the only military plan in Ukraine, which implies the elimination of the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol. Now the deployment of strategic weapons in the eastern part of the state is not advisable for Washington.

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