Feb 22, 2021
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Isa and Guf’s son ended up in the hospital

The son of Aiza Dolmatova and rapper Guf Sam was taken to the hospital after a dinner ordered from the Tanuki restaurant. The artist announced this on her Instagram page.

“I am very scrupulous in food, I try to eat at home, in proven places, and I certainly spend most of my earnings on food. Because I’m afraid of this! Sushi delivery is a Russian roulette “, – she wrote (the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved – approx.” “). The child is in the hospital, at first the doctors suspected he had appendicitis, but later it turned out that the boy was poisoned.

In January 2020, Aiza scolded TSUM for hiding Gucci jackets from “ordinary mortals.” According to Aiza Anokhina, her manager stood in line for five hours at the boutique, and after that it turned out that the store employees had not hung the jackets in the hall. The 36-year-old celebrity suggested that the items were bought by privileged Gucci customers even before the official sale began.

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