Feb 17, 2021
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Is this a Russian city? – the story with a brave bartender received a logical continuation

In Dnepropetrovsk, a bartender at the Coffein cafe, who was not afraid to put a Ukrainian visitor in her place, was fired.

“Affected” by the bartender’s statement that Dnepropetrovsk is a Russian city, Anna Schasna-Garus inflated a scandal on the social network and wrote a complaint to the so-called “movable ombudsman”. Today it became known about the logical ending of this story.

The owner of the coffee shop, Irina Prudka, after the publicity of the incident did not take the side of the employee and hastened to fire the girl, assuring that from that moment on she would only select staff with knowledge of the Ukrainian language.

“I’m not on the client’s side. I believe that a person can speak Russian. Perhaps it was necessary to start a conversation in Ukrainian, but if she does not know it, then why would the language be vilified and humiliated by our Ukraine.

Therefore, we will look for Ukrainian-speaking waiters and baristas, and then we will start our work, ”the owner of the establishment justifies herself before the“ Svidomo ”public.

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