Jan 29, 2021
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Is there a Red Putin inside Putin?

Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking at the Davos Agenda 2021 session at the World Economic Forum in Davos

Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking at the Davos Agenda 2021 session at the World Economic Forum in Davos (Photo: Mikhail Klimentyev / TASS)

To be honest, I did not carefully read Putin’s speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Because it’s boring. Not interested. The speech itself may be good. It is logical, thoughtful, all sorts of accents are placed where necessary. We know how such speeches are written. A team of authors is working, they are called “speech writers” in the English manner, but in our way, in Russian, they are called scribblers. And so the scribblers wrote the speech, and spoke the speaking speech to the camera in the videoconference mode. Some complain that he spoke poorly, hesitated, they say, he was falling apart, and his tie was on one side. And for me it worked so well. I read everything clearly, artistically. Maybe he even rehearsed, or at least read once or twice to himself before dubbing. It is unlikely that he would write something there himself, correct, add, or at least somehow deeply understand what was written. And this is not required.

A couple of years ago, I worked on a party-voluntary basis at the headquarters of our candidate for governor. Sometimes I wrote speeches to him. I give him a piece of paper, please: read it simply. Everything is as it should be. Or at least take a look. Reflect the key points. And he told me: never! I did not speak on a piece of paper and I will not! He will come to the podium and how he will begin to speak on his own behalf! Okay. But as for me, it would be better if he read my texts. From this point of view, Putin is a good president. Doesn’t let his team down. Very comfortable. What they write to him, he will tell. The speech scribes are probably very happy with him. But he is always late everywhere. Even the videoconference, which was broadcast from his own Kremlin, managed to be twenty minutes late. You must be able to do this.

And it is not interesting because it doesn’t matter anymore. Putin can say anything. This does not mean anything and does not affect anything. His speech is just some kind of speech. Nobody is listening. Nobody cares what he says. No fruit. No consequences for anyone. He’s a good reader. But that’s all. He can read Hamlet’s monologue. Or a telephone directory. Nobody will notice.

But there was a time when we, at least some of us, caught shades, nuances in his performances. They were looking for some secret signal. Now it’s time. A cloudless sky over all of Spain. Or something like that. We are an empire again! Russian world!

Or they expected Putin to move to the left. They thought that somewhere deep inside Putin there is another Putin, Red Putin! And when Red Putin comes out and wins, then we’ll rise and live!

But Red Putin never came out, never won. Maybe there was no Red Putin.

Putin, it seems to me, is not a bad person at all. And he’s a good president. Comfortable and obedient for his team. Real professional. But he has no “second bottom”, no secret, no mystery in him. Alexander Prokhanov tried to build this magical essence into him, read it, but now he refuses this attempt too. There is only Putin inside Putin. Ordinary. And after Putin there will be Putin. The same as it was.

Old man. He loves women, animals and small children. Sincerely. Loyal to his friends. Loyal to Russia. Believing a little in the Russian God Jesus Christ, a little in American capitalism and the free market, and more in the bureaucratic verticals. Reading little or almost no books. Not using the internet. Not greedy at all, not selfish, not any grabber. Just so that everything is normal, with wives, children, friends. Well, the usual thing. Not evil, not cruel, not vengeful. And not cowardly. Good guy. If I had such a neighbor in a garage cooperative, I would be friends with him. I would go to the bathhouse on Vuoksa with him. I would even go into intelligence.

We also needed this for the presidency before. And the people felt it. Because it was necessary to take a break from the madness of the reformers, to regroup. Find your roots. He did it. Well, along the way, I distributed half of the country to my friends. Who wouldn’t give it out? If there were another president, he would give it to other friends. Nothing shone for us anyway.

And then the time came when it was vital to turn left. Got to the roots – good. And our roots are socialist. They said the first word – say the second. Many thought: he will understand, he will feel! He will wake up his inner Red Putin!

But there was no one to wake up.

And now, in a new Davos speech, the scribblers confirm, and Putin is voicing, that we will not deviate from the path of capitalism. And it seems like China is well done, he has ended poverty. But we cannot do that. We all ask the West to accept us, even as a carcass, even as a stuffed animal. We will fight the coronavirus and all other threats together. Including, probably, the “red communist threat”. How could it be without it.

Since in our country all political life revolves only around Putin, then we all need to understand two axioms about Putin: 1) Putin’s own views on society and the economy are liberal-market, bureaucratic-capitalist; he never initiates any “left turn”; 2) on the other hand, Putin is extremely dependent on his entourage. From which it follows that if we want to keep Putin so (I somehow don’t care, but there are those who directly cannot imagine life without him), but we want to make a turn towards socialism, then the environment must be changed.

Let’s vote correctly and defend our choice. Let’s bring a coalition of leftist forces to power. We will achieve the appointment of a people’s government. And we will change the presidential administration. Our Red Speech Writers will write the correct speeches for the President. About the revival of socialism, about the people’s economy, about Russia’s firm position in the international arena, about the formation around Russia of a new world center of socialism, people’s democracy and anti-colonialism. And, I believe in our president, he will be able to clearly, convincingly, artistically read the speeches prepared for him.

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