Oct 3, 2021
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Is the division of Ukraine a reality or an absurdity?

Is the division of Ukraine a reality or an absurdity?

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The fact that Ukraine may be left without its western territories has been talked about. So lord Muraev said nothing new. And the fact that the country will not endure the third Maidan, and the fact that the western regions take Kiev’s opinion poorly – is, as it were, a matter of course.

– The deputy finally admitted the obvious: thanks to the efforts of the Ukrainian elite, Ukraine has turned into a bankrupt state. And its decay is quite possible, – reflects military expert, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov… “This was a consequence of the fact that Ukraine was completely plundered by a handful of bandits and thieves who call themselves the Ukrainian elite and the government. And also because the Ukrainian people indifferently looked at how their homeland was plundered, and even supported this thief.

The land there is fertile, there are minerals, there is a population that knows how to work and is used to working since Soviet times. Any country needs such people. In addition, Poles and ethnic groups close to Hungarians and Romanians live there compactly, who want to live in these countries. Here are just all the Natsiks, all the bandits, accustomed to revelry, will have to be cleaned.

“SP”: – There is an example of the united FRG and GDR. There was only one people, the countries were economically developed, but serious problems arose anyway. And Ukraine is one big problem. Why should more prosperous countries bother with dividing the territory of a patient with the whole head of a neighbor? What if it’s contagious?

– Far from all East Germans were so eager to unite with the FRG. Moreover, most of the citizens of the GDR did not want to unite. There was a relatively small part that wanted to live in the West. They also exist in Ukraine (and in Russia, by the way, too). In addition, representatives of other ethnic groups living compactly want to live in their countries, because there is no prospect in Ukraine. By the way, about the eastern part of Germany: there is a cult of the GDR. With “Trabant” – an inferior typewriter, like our Soviet “Zaporozhets”, they are worn. They also sent me photographs: our T-34 tanks are standing, and on them with white paint in German it is written: “Free us again!”

The expert pays special attention to the fact that modern Ukraine is a country that most clearly and fully demonstrates what the power of the mafia and bandits can lead to. Ukraine gained independence when its economic potential surpassed Germany. A comparison suggests itself: where is Germany today, and where is Ukraine? Even ranting about the fact that they are at war with Russia, the new government managed to destroy the foundations of their industrial complex. They practically destroyed the Antonov Design Bureau, and there they could make fighters, a bomber, and whatever! We destroyed “Yuzhmash”, their rocketry. And in 2017, the Nikolaev shipyard was closed.

– And another important point: now the Ukrainians need to take and put two pieces of paper on the right and left and write: Ukrainian SSR, 1990, and Independent Ukraine, 2021. And compare. The Ukrainian SSR in its industrial potential ranked first in Europe, surpassing the same Germany. Natives of Ukraine Khrushchev and Brezhnev were at the head of the country for a total of 28 years. As part of the USSR, the Ukrainians were happy and had tremendous potential. And now it is the Ukraine of nationalists: Petliura, Bandera… And it has been brought to a state of disintegration, – Konstantin Sivkov is convinced.

But the prospect of disintegration does not mean that neighboring countries will one day take and chop off a piece of Ukraine for themselves, he believes political scientist Alexander Asafov:

– Of course, this is speculation to get into the news. Many Ukrainian politicians are engaged in this, including himself Zelensky… In the 21st century, it is impossible to just take and cut the borders like that. It’s not just a territory, people live there. And they are not Zelensky’s serfs or Poroshenkoto pass them on to someone. There are mechanisms for entry, but in the beginning there must be an appropriate expression of the will of people. First, you need to hold a referendum for the people to speak out. Talk about the fact that, for example, Hungary will come and take Transcarpathia, is absurd

And if we talk about geopolitical benefits, then, since Ukraine is tailored from lands that previously belonged to other states, they, in theory, can claim their territories back. Poland may be interested in returning Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. A significant part of Polish society believes that these lands need to be returned. Such statements were made by the ruling party, but it changed its rhetoric, and now they are talking about indemnity in Warsaw. And even then – with caution, because there is a possibility that the descendants of the Germans, who were evicted from the so-called “returned lands” after the Second World War, will demand the restitution (according to the Baltic scenario) of the confiscated property, Alexander Asafov believes.

In general, the prospect of waking up in another state does not threaten Ukrainians in the foreseeable future. And you can help them that the breakthrough of funds needed for education, health care and other social services will be used to create a super-duper intellectual border with Russia and Belarus. As much as $ 637 million has been allocated for this. At least this amount was announced on October 1 by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denis Monastyrsky

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