Apr 1, 2021
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Is Russia the birthplace of athletes?

Is Russia the birthplace of athletes?

The Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation came to interesting conclusions by publishing statistics for 2020 on its website.

It turns out that in our country 45.4% of citizens are engaged in physical culture and sports. But is it? Ordinary people went to the “comments” and laughed at these numbers.

As it turned out, according to the Ministry of Sports of Russia, the share of Russian citizens aged 3 to 79 who systematically go in for physical culture and sports, at the end of 2020 amounted to 45.4% compared to the planned 43%. Only nine regions did not reach the target. The number is growing, it is growing!

Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin stressed that one of the priorities of the ministry is to increase the proportion of citizens who systematically engage in physical culture and sports, up to 70% by 2030. Incredible! Matytsin also said that within the framework of the state program in 2020, the construction of 270 sports facilities was financed, for the creation of which 30.4 billion rubles were allocated from the federal budget. The construction of 192 sports facilities has been completed. Well, just chic, shine, beauty!

The editorial staff of Mir novostei will not comment on these cheerful statistics. Better to give the floor to ordinary citizens, on whom this information made, as we will now see, an ambiguous impression.

“Another 146 percent. No ice hockey rinks or football fields freely available. I’m talking about a millionth city. And what can I say about the whole country … “

“Once, being students, we decided to go play football at the university stadium. They kicked us out, saying that we had to pay by renting a field. And this is in one of the largest federal universities in the country … “

“I am still very amused by how they make ‘football fields’ in the yards of ‘anthills’ of new buildings, I am talking about St. Petersburg. Gates, as a rule, are set for mini-football, and the fence is no higher than the gate. Behind the field, of course, there is a parking lot. How to play on such a field? Either do not hit the goal, or hit with the bottom, so that above the gate, God forbid, does not fly. Probably the “Brazilian system”. In the middle of the 2000s, by the way, many good 6×6 pitches were built in St. Petersburg, with nets behind the goal, benches, horizontal bars. But now 90 percent of them are already in disrepair ”.

“Apparently, plowing at work is now also considered physical education and sports.”

“I live in a city with a population of over one million. He has been running all his life at the broken track and field stadium left over from Sovka. But a couple of years ago they decided to fence it off, and now no one runs there. Another incident in life – they made a playground in the schoolyard where you can play basketball and football. But they fenced off with a three-meter fence. We climbed up somehow to play, to throw the ball. So Rosgvardia came and kicked out. It turns out that it is illegal to play sports here? “

“Why are you so indignant? Add up the money you spend a year on alcohol and cigarettes, on the McDonald’s poison. I assure you, this amount will be enough to buy an annual fitness club membership. And the unlimited tariff allows you to go there at least every day. Who doesn’t? It is necessary to overeat less in McDonald’s and FSC. There is always a full house there – both adults and children. “

“But in Astrakhan, in order to play with the guys from the yard, you have to chip in 250 rubles to remove the field. And this is without lighting. There is a free field for the district, but on the asphalt with holes, and there is only one gate. “

“Well, 30 percent, it is quite possible, and are engaged. Nowadays sports are in vogue. Gyms have been packed in recent years, people are engaged in sections, they run in stadiums. At least that’s how it is in our city. More than 40 percent is probably overkill. But progress towards sports is visible. “

“Yes, it would have been more if it hadn’t been for the stupid bans on fitness clubs that spring. Half closed. And they didn’t even have financial support! So there was nothing to prohibit fitness, sick and frail people do not go there. And whoever is afraid of getting sick, they would be at home anyway. And those who practiced for years lost their form due to prohibitions, and all progress came to naught. I’m already silent about the owners of the fitness business. So we have what we have. But liquor stores were open. Everyone sat at home and drank, they raised fat on their butts. “

“For a long time there was a stadium near my house on the territory of the school. Quite ordinary: an asphalt court with a mini-football goal, basketball hoops, a volleyball area, treadmills and a sports campus. For the last 10 years no one was allowed there, but now construction is underway on this site, and the stadium is no longer there. So much for the development of mass sports in the country. And it’s not about the county town N, but about the center that recently hosted the Olympic Games … It’s scary to imagine what is happening in other places ”.

What is happening in your city? Do you agree with the reviews? Write to us!

Stepan Stroyev.

Photo: A. Lyubimov / Agency “Moscow”

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