Apr 18, 2021
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Is it true that milk is harmful, and fermented milk products are useful?

Answers biogerontologist, d. b. D., Corresponding Member RAS Alexey Moskalev:

– Studies in Sweden have shown that milk increases mortality. Conversely, fermented milk products are healthy. This is explained by the fact that milk activates a key gene associated with aging (it has a complex name mTORC1), and fermented milk products have this effect to a lesser extent. This is due to the presence of three factors in milk, which are destroyed when fermented into fermented milk products. One factor is sugar galactose, the other is special branched-chain amino acids, and the third is exosomes (microscopic vesicles with microRNAs inside). Milk in natural conditions is quickly fermented, therefore, in the past, fermented milk products were mainly consumed. But 200 years ago, pasteurization was invented, and they began to drink a lot more milk. This plays a negative role in accelerating aging and increasing mortality.

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