Aug 16, 2022
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Is it possible to treat teeth during menstruation

Is it possible to treat teeth during menstruation

For many of the fairer sex, menstruation brings a bunch of different problems. On “critical days”, some women and girls feel very much worse in general well-being, sometimes they lead to exacerbations of chronic diseases. In the legislation of the Soviet period there was even an article providing for the release of a woman once a month for three days without maintenance for this difficult period. Another thing is that almost no one used this law, except, perhaps, athletes. And even then not during the competition.

Of course, going to the clinic to treat your teeth on such days is not the best way to cheer up and overall well-being. Especially if menstruation is accompanied by dizziness, fainting and bouts of vomiting. But if there are reasons why the time of visiting the dental clinic cannot be changed in any way, for example, a ticket to see a doctor with great difficulty or terrible pain, and the woman’s well-being is not much different from usual, then visiting a therapeutic dental office has no contraindications.

Another thing is if you need the help of a dental surgeon. Here, an operation to remove a diseased tooth is not recommended. The fact is that during menstruation, a woman’s blood clotting decreases. It is clear that any action that entails a violation of any epithelium can cause severe bleeding. In cases where it is almost impossible to postpone the operation, it is necessary to immediately warn the doctor about your condition.

Today, medicine has in its arsenal many different means, the use of which helps to stop bleeding. But it will be much better if the doctor prepares them in advance. By the way, it would be useful to warn the doctor if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases or any allergies. Diabetes also reduces blood clotting. Patients with such a diagnosis should also always remember this.

By the way, even when visiting a dentist-therapist during menstruation, it would be appropriate to inform the doctor about it. After all, the unexpected can happen when the gums are suddenly injured during treatment. Sometimes, after placing a filling, the doctor just needs to trim the gum that has grown over a broken tooth a little. Naturally, the doctor warned about your condition will choose the most sparing method of treatment. But, definitely, it would be best if a woman tries to do without visiting the dental office on “critical days”.

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