May 7, 2022
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Is it possible to keep a cactus in an apartment?

Is it possible to keep a cactus in an apartment?

How to achieve harmony in the house? It depends on many factors. But not everyone knows that you can achieve balance, as well as increase vital energies thanks to feng shui.

Consider getting houseplants. The energy “Chi” in them is good for health and will enliven your home. Yang energy disinfects your family nest. It neutralizes negativity, chemical and electrical pollutants.

Is it possible to keep a cactus in the house?

The cactus has a bad reputation. Some claim that it brings bad luck. But it’s not. Cactus is a plant with a strong character and personality. He uses his thorns to protect us.

Here are some of the benefits of cactus you need to know about:

  • This plant has 4 different genera and 1400 species. They are often used as decorations. It’s fashionable!
  • Cacti appeared in dry areas and store water inside. Therefore, you do not need to take care of them much.
  • They have spikes. They protect the people who live nearby.

What Feng Shui Says About Protecting Cacti

According to experts, cacti neutralize the gamma rays of computers, microwaves and televisions. That is why most often they are placed next to these electronic devices.

They also help people to know their inner strength. A cactus is a plant that stores water, and water is an element that symbolizes feelings. The plant benefits those who need to protect themselves from their own emotions.

Cactus thorns are protection from unexpected or negative guests. They also help you overcome your own limitations and give you the strength to say no when needed.

Warning: Cactus is a powerful and even aggressive plant. Spikes are considered extremely strong energy. And it should not be located near the face.

Never place a cactus in your room, kitchen or dining room. Because it will destroy positive energy, cause anxiety and bad mood, as well as difficulty falling asleep.

Where can I put a cactus:

  1. In the “free zone”: garden or balcony.
  2. At the entrance to the house, where they can act as “guardians”.
  3. At work or near windows.

Feng Shui also advises to have the following plants:

1. Orchid

A wonderful plant with a beautiful flower. It is eye-catching and emits particularly beneficial subtle frequencies that stimulate the senses.

2. Daffodils

They are very popular plants in China and symbolize good luck.

3. Yellow chrysanthemums

They provide peace of mind in the home and make life easier.

4. Orange tree

It radiates energy that brings wealth. Place tree pots on the sides of the entrance to your home.

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