Aug 16, 2022
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Is it possible to get thrush from a man

Is it possible to get thrush from a man

Is it possible to get thrush from a man? Let’s first understand together what thrush is, what symptoms characterize its presence in a woman’s body, and how it is transmitted. So, thrush or candidiasis (medical term) is a disease accompanied by inflammation of the genital organs with a special type of Candida fungus. Doctors are often accustomed to considering thrush on a par with sexually transmitted diseases, but let the reader not be afraid of this.

can this disease be transmitted from a man to a woman The question of whether thrush is sexually transmitted remains ambivalent. Some doctors believe that this is not the case, while others say that it is possible in some special cases. In addition, statistics that you can’t argue with indicate that such situations do occur, but basically, infection occurs from a woman to a man, and not vice versa. And if there is still a risk of contracting thrush from a man to a woman, then contraceptives that a man should use during sexual contact can help save the situation.

Rarely, however, these cases occur, infection occurs during oral-genital contact, including from a man to a woman. This happens because self-infection in men with thrush fungi occurs in the absence or non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, as well as when they enter the oral cavity of men from the intestines (Candida fungus is found in the intestines of any person). You can help to find out the fact of the presence of Candida fungi in the oral cavity by passing the appropriate tests.

Infection with thrush fungi can also occur at home. Microorganisms that contribute to the development of this disease can be found both on bedding at home and in the air, on vegetables or fruits that do not undergo proper heat treatment. Therefore, you should not blame your sexual partner in advance if the doctor at the reception discovered this disease in you. In most cases, this happens for other reasons. In addition, you should not sound the alarm and swear with your loved one if, as you think, you have all the signs of a thrush disease on your face.

Very often, women tend to self-diagnose and self-medicate at the same time, having heard and watched commercials about how easy and simple it is to get rid of the diagnosis of “thrush” with just one tablet or capsule, once and for all! Symptoms such as white discharge, itching and burning in the labia area can be not only signs of thrush, but also more serious diseases that require only special treatment prescribed by a doctor. Such dangerous diseases include various kinds of infections, which can only be diagnosed and cured by specialists in this field.

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