Apr 27, 2021
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Is it possible on Palm Sunday to go to the burial ground, guess, eat meat

Is it possible on Palm Sunday to go to the burial ground, guess, eat meat

On the eve of major religious holidays, many ask questions about what can be done, and what actions can lead to problems. On Palm Sunday, believers observe the traditions of the ceremonial day, so as not to incur the disfavor of higher powers.

In 2021, Palm Sunday will come on April 25, and experts propose another one to clarify whether it is possible to clean cemeteries on a holiday, eat meat products and guess for the future.

On a holiday, believers move to temples and churches to pray, as well as to consecrate willow twigs. They are brought home and put in place of last year’s. Many divine holidays are accompanied by visits to cemeteries, but on the 25th the clergy urge believers to abandon this thought. Instead, it is more important to pray for the souls of the departed.

Fasting is observed on the day of the holiday, but Palm Sunday is an outstanding day when believers are allowed not only to feast on fish provisions, but also to take a sip of divine wine. The meat will continue to be ordered.

The church does not approve of fortune-telling in any form on any day of the week, and during the twelveth holiday, any attempt to look into the future can turn into trouble due to the anger of higher powers. The clergy urge believers to strengthen their willpower through prayers, embark on the path of inner growth and development, and rely on the will of the Lord.

On the day of the holiday, people are greeted with spending time with their family, praying to the Lord and the saints, helping others and charmingly freeing themselves from everything that interferes with a cloudless life.

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