Sep 15, 2020
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Is it harmful to wear fashion glasses without diopters?


Previously, it was a problem to choose the optimal beautiful models of glasses that would not disfigure, but make the appearance more interesting and expressive, and this accessory was considered something shameful. But today it is not uncommon for people to start wearing them just as an element of style. In this case, the eyepieces perfectly complement the image, often adding a special gloss to the person and creating the impression of him as of a smart nature that can be trusted.

Naturally, it is not necessary to wear ordinary glasses with diopters to create an image. It can even be extremely hazardous to health, since special lenses are designed to correct certain vision problems and their use in everyday life can only worsen the good parameters of the eyes. Therefore, many people prefer to choose glasses with ordinary lenses, without diopters. And here the question arises: is it not harmful to use such an accessory?

The head of the Center for Eye Microsurgery, Ph.D., ophthalmologist of the highest category Olga Dovgileva answers:

- Wearing fashion glasses has become fashionable for a very long time, all this came from abroad. Even people with good eyesight bought themselves all kinds of frames to wear. Including there are groups of people who have to wear them by profession - actors and so on. Initially, when a person buys a frame, there are demo lenses in it, and despite the fact that the diopters are zero, these demo lenses must be replaced anyway. And it is very important that spectacle lenses are of European origin, because the technology there is more complex and takes into account all the features of coating.

In some spectacle lenses from manufacturers from 10 to 15 coatings of various kinds - these are water-grease-repellent, anti-reflective, anti-abrasive and others. World manufacturers are Essilor, Hoya, Indo and so on, there are a lot of them. And it is imperative that instead of demo lenses, you should install spectacle lenses with zero diopters. Thanks to these coatings, especially anti-reflective coatings, glare is removed from computer monitors, TVs and any others. This is very useful for office workers where there is a large amount of fluorescent lamps and artificial lighting, which leads to additional glare.

Thanks to the anti-reflective, it is also anti-reflective, coating, all these glare are extinguished, and the eye is in a more comfortable state. Less fatigue, fatigue, there will be no such redness. Such lenses will prevent the so-called computer-visual syndrome, which can occur not only at a computer, but also behind any monitors and when working in offices with fluorescent lamps.

Therefore, I see only benefit in them, no negative phenomena, provided that the demo lenses are replaced. The more you are in these glasses in office conditions, the better, and in theory a person experiences only comfort and ease when wearing them. No uncomfortable or asthenopic complaints - these are complaints that arise when working in the office without protective glasses - headache, redness, aches in the eyebrows, pain in the forehead. In glasses, on the contrary, they are leveled, and this is prevention.

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