Nov 17, 2021
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Irina Slutskaya said that athletes should stand for the country, not for money


Figure skater Irina Slutskaya said that her words were wrong.

The 42-year-old athlete said her words were turned upside down. “I am not a pensioner yet, and I don’t get any prize money. Of course, there are only one-begotten payments after the Olympiads. Many skaters after 40 perform and earn money, but there are others who have ended their careers – and that’s it.“, – explained the skater on the air of the program” There is a theme! ” on Match TV.

Slutskaya never became an Olympic champion. The star is only twice winner. “Many people start making money on advertising contracts. The age of athletes is very short, someone finishes their careers at the age of 16 … We get up after injuries, do not recover. Temperature 40, an athlete must stand for his country, not for money. We are so fans of what we do! But sooner or later, an athlete becomes an ordinary citizen.“She added.

Irina Slutskaya
Irina Slutskaya

Note that athletes receive 61 thousand dollars (4.5 million rubles) for gold in the Olympics. Irina told whether such money is paid fairly for a successful performance at the Games.

These amounts are formed by the government, we cannot compare our economic situation with the situation in other countries. We must say thank you that there is such a sum, somewhere they pay a thousand dollars. I have spent most of my life in sports and I understand that if people do not watch women’s weightlifting, then money will not come there. Salary caps in sports? You need to prohibit sponsors from paying and that’s it. Sport is here and now, you have to grab everything that is possible“, – concluded the skater.

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