Nov 10, 2021
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Irina Slutskaya commented on the achievements of young skaters


Figure skater Irina Slutskaya spoke about friendship in sports.

At the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Alina Zagitova won a gold medal, while Evgenia Medvedeva won silver. After that, rumors spread about the enmity of the young athletes.

Irina Slutskaya did not say which of the skaters, in her opinion, skates better. “I have no idea – Alina or Zhenya. Each has its own priority. It doesn’t matter whether they win in the future or not, I’ll keep my opinion to myself.“, – said the 42-year-old athlete.

At the same time, the two-time world champion spoke out about Medvedeva’s loss at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Irina explained why Zhenya took second place.

We must plow from morning to night. Any career as an athlete is finite. Wife was hampered by injuries. If a jump can be learned, then health, I will say, cannot be learned. There is nothing to discuss here. The girl was really out of luck. If there were no injuries, then she could have won. But the girl continues to plow. She plows and plows to this day. When there is a desire, you can rise from the last place to the first, but you need to work five times more than you worked before. You can rise from the floor, from the bottom, when it seems that everything has crumbled. I started all over again and more than once. They said to my face: “Do you understand that you will not be allowed anywhere else? You can go home and cook borscht. ” I answered “good” and changed my lifestyle, changed my training“, – the skater shared.

Irina Slutskaya
Irina Slutskaya

Slutskaya believes that there is no real friendship in sports at all. The two-time world champion in women’s singles skating advises to concentrate exclusively on what you love.

There are no friends in sports. No matter what anyone says, I do not believe that there can be friendship between rivals. She can be with a single skater with a colleague from pair skating or ice dancing. But for two singles to be friends – this is from the category of fantasy! You can just be in a normal relationship … We talked all the time. But it didn’t concern sports, it didn’t concern preparation, it was talk about nothing. And, getting off the bus, we went to our numbers. They never went to visit each other and did not call each other, did not write off. Each had its own life. But, going out on the ice, we hated each other. Sports anger was shown, which did not allow to give in to a rival. Such passions are boiling on the ice! No friendship, don’t believe“, – said Irina in the YouTube show” Antonyms “.

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