Nov 9, 2021
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Irina Slutskaya admitted that she was left without a pension


Figure skater Irina Slutskaya spoke about her income.

The athlete is a two-time Olympic medalist. Only the skater cannot count on additional material support.

Irina Slutskaya completed her sports career in 2006. Now the skater runs her sports school, which she opened six years ago, and also hosts various programs. According to the star, this brings her the main income.

My pension is zero rubles, zero kopecks. This is earlier – you will skate, maybe they will give you 15 thousand rubles. Olympic champions have a pension, but I am a medalist twice. I have nothing, just a head and some experience“, – said the 42-year-old figure skater in the YouTube show” Antonyms “.

Irina Slutskaya
Irina Slutskaya

By the way, Slutskaya is more focused not on work, but on her health. 17 years ago, doctors diagnosed a star with vasculitis. The athlete carefully takes care of herself so that the disease does not lead to pulmonary bleeding and kidney failure.

I was “treated” for AIDS, lupus erythematosus, and rheumatoid arthritis. Dear caring people, I trust only evidence-based medicine. There is no need to treat me, for this there are doctors whom I believe, – Irina turned to the fans. – I will talk about the diagnosis so that people who have this disease see the impetus for life, and not just sit and “get ready”. I am very glad that I inspire many. You can live fine in remission, like me“.

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