Sep 11, 2022
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Irina Saltykova told the secret of youth


Singer Irina Saltykova, despite her age, looks just great.

Today, September 9, everyone celebrates World Beauty Day. Our celebrities prove that you can be beautiful at any age: at forty and fifty.

So, Irina Saltykova turned 56 in May of this year, but who will believe this? The singer looks great, and young girls will envy her slender figure at all – this is proved by a photo in a swimsuit, which the artist shared on her blog on social networks. Irina poses in a bold white bikini that accentuates all the curves of her figure.

Saltykova said that helps her maintain youth and attractiveness.

Irina Saltykova - photo from the archive -
Irina Saltykova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Of course, we need face masks and skin cleansing products. I used to drink a glass of water in the morning. Water is always good. But lifestyle is also important. If there are no bad habits, then you will look better. Well, nowhere without physical activity”, – Irina shared with Antenna.

Irina Saltykova never hid her age. On the contrary, she even believes that her years are wealth. So why be ashamed of them?

The singer assures that she has not made a single injection in her entire life.

Modern women are simply obsessed with hyaluronic acid. They are sure that artificial hyaluronic acid will make them young and attractive again, that the skin of the face will become elastic and toned. But the effect lasts for a maximum of a week, and then the hyaluron dissolves and the skin returns to its original position … To endure pain and spend money on it for the sake of a short result – why? I have many friends who inserted threads for themselves and pumped in fat, but I did not see the difference. Rather, it is clear that they did something with themselves, there were attempts to improve themselves, but nothing came of it.“, – said the singer.

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