May 30, 2022
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Irina Saltykova named chickens after her friends


Singer Irina Saltykova told how she laughed at her friends.

The singer shared her revelations about life in a country house. 56-year-old Irina Saltykova told how friends ridiculed her for wanting to do agriculture.

The pop star of the 90s settled in a three-story mansion measuring 500 square meters and with an Italian jacuzzi under a canopy on the terrace. Three employees help Irina take care of the house.

Saltykova admitted that recently a chicken coop has appeared in her house. The artist does not hide the fact that she thought about the household at the beginning of the pandemic. Irina told her friends that she plans to have chickens in her garden. The star became the owner of the chickens after filming the TV show.

“I have four hens. I built a chicken coop. During the pandemic, I thought about what to do so interesting. I decided that I wanted chickens. On the set of the program about me, four chickens were carried out at the end. I replied: “Are you stunned? What will I feed them?” I was not yet a prepared mother. I took them. They were in a box, I came up every 15 minutes. It’s so cute, ”Saltykova admitted.

Irina Saltykova - photo from the archive -
Irina Saltykova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The actress of the film “Brother 2” discussed her desire to do housework with her friends, but they reacted skeptically. When Saltykova got pets, she did not miss the opportunity to troll her friends.

I told all my friends, they laughed at me a little. I answered: “If you laugh, I will call all the chickens by your names.” As I called them: Una, Lada, Natasha and Larisa. I told them, showed them who is who. They rejoiced, but not for long.“, – explained the ex-wife of musician Viktor Saltykov.

The performer of the hit “Gray Eyes” has equipped a separate chicken coop for chickens. The next morning, Saltykov was in for a surprise.

I hear “ku-ka-re-ku”. Mom says to me: “Ir, you don’t have chickens, you have roosters.” I started to check on the Internet – it turned out that all four males. How they started to crow. The neighbors must have been shocked. They began to fight, feathers fly“, – said the artist.

The star carefully monitors his chickens. Irina has chosen a special menu for the pets and feeds them by the hour, and instead of antibiotics she gives them green onions. The performer boasted that the new hobby allowed her to provide the whole family with homemade eggs. “I eat them boiled. I can’t eat store-bought anymore, ”the mother of the aspiring singer Alisa Saltykova assured.

The artist brought them to sample colleagues in show business. The soloist of the group “Na-Na” Vladimir Politov drank a raw egg right in the TV studio. “Excellent. Compared to the stores – a completely different taste.”, Vladimir assured on the air of the talk show“ The Stars Came Together ”.

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