Apr 8, 2021
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Irina Saltykova builds a chicken coop at home

Fants of the famous Russian singer Irina Saltykova did not believe her posts on the Instagram account that she was planning to build a chicken coop. However, the performer noted that the construction is already in full swing.

Irina Saltykova builds a chicken coop at home

Irina says that at the moment she has more household plans, as if she were building a chicken coop. She is going to raise chickens, such an idea came to her in quarantine.

Saltykova noted that this is not for business, and she will eat eggs together with her surname. The artist figured that if the chickens shove her 100 eggs every month, it would be two thousand rubles.

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Irina added that it will not be difficult for her to keep track of the chicken coop, because she loves to do household chores. Self-acting feeders will be installed in the chicken coop, so there is no need to feed the birds untimely.

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