Jun 23, 2022
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Irina Pegova was captured in a mini dress, showing slender legs


Actress Irina Pegova shared a photo posing on the beach in the Tver region.

Irina Pegova shared pictures where she poses in a lilac mini dress and lemon shoes on the beach in the village of Zavidovo, Tver region. Fans noted that the beloved actress has lost even more weight and looks just perfect. They paid special attention to the legs of the star.

Irina Pegova
Irina Pegova

Feet from the ears! ”,“ It’s immediately obvious that Irina is dancing. What beautiful legs!”, “Irina, do not lose weight anymore. You are beautiful!”- subscribers commented.

Irina Pegova fell in love with outfits of this range, and they really suit her. She recently shared a video in which she dances incendiary. A tight-fitting lilac dress with a high slit emphasizes her slim figure, thin waist, beautiful legs.

After participating in Dancing with the Stars, Irina Pegova became seriously interested in this beautiful sport. It is not the first time she participates in ballroom dancing competitions. The star has repeatedly given fans the opportunity to admire videos where she “lights up” on the dance floor with Evgeny Raev, whom she just met on Dancing with the Stars.

Irina Pegova
Irina Pegova

Irina has long been a classic woman from the paintings of Rubens. Everything changed after a painful and scandalous divorce in 2011. Pegova did not begin to seize stress, but, on the contrary, came to grips with herself. Enlisted the support of a professional nutritionist and fitness trainer. I excluded sweets and fast carbohydrates, meat from the menu, I began to eat a little, but often. In sports, she preferred strength exercises, running and cardio. And dancing – and here is the result!

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