Aug 27, 2022
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Irina Pegova was captured in a bright swimsuit among the emerald water


Actress Irina Pegova shared colorful beach photos from her holiday in Cyprus.

Irina Pegova today is one of the most successful and sought-after actresses. She shoots a lot, and there are practically no breaks in her work. This summer, Irina even celebrated her birthday on the set.

All the more valuable was her vacation in Cyprus with her daughter Tatyana. The actress was delighted with Cyprus and posts many photos every day, admiring its beauties. And fans are delighted with the beautiful form in which the actress is.

This time Irina Pegova in a bright one-piece swimsuit took a dip in the sea. She was photographed from an unusual angle: a top view that accentuates her chiseled curves from behind. Irina flashed graceful curves of the figure. The star of the TV series “The Midwife” boasted in what form it is by the end of the summer.

Irina Pegova
Irina Pegova

The Little Mermaid”, “How did you lose weight”, “Oh, great view”, “The figure is just luxurious”, “Oh, this is the rear view!”, “Irina, you are just slim”, “What a transformation”, “The angle is just amazing” “Blue suits you so well”, fans showered her with compliments. Fans were smitten with how Pegova looks at 44.

The actress is happy to share photos of the beauties that delighted her on her blog on social networks. But fans first of all react to Pegova herself – how she got prettier on vacation.

Irina Pegova
Irina Pegova

Irina Pegova bathes and sunbathes a lot. And recently, the actress posted a photo in which she poses in a floral swimsuit with a revealing neckline. Irina took poses that favorably emphasized the dignity of her figure. The actress flashed a magnificent bust in the rays of the sun.

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