Aug 19, 2022
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Irina Pegova published spicy photos from vacation at sea


Actress Irina Pegova intrigued fans with beach shots from vacation.

Summer for the artist Irina Pegova turned out to be eventful. The star constantly disappeared on the set. The actress got a role in a new film, the name of which is still kept secret. Due to the busy work schedule, Pegova could not escape to the sea for a long time.

In the last summer month, Irina still managed to arrange a short vacation for herself. Now the happy artist publishes pictures from the resort on social networks. In a personal microblog, Irina Pegova published a photo report from the trip.

Irina Pegova
Irina Pegova

The artist captured herself against the backdrop of a rocky shore and foaming waves. Irina hid her face under sunglasses and the top of her head under a straw hat. Subscribers did not find a swimsuit. Now the shocked people are wondering if Pegova was shamelessly sunbathing bare-chested. If so, was the beach that Irina walked on private enough.

Irina Pegova
Irina Pegova

Gorgeous. Have a good rest”, “Beauty”, “Really without linen?”, “Glasses bigger than the head”, – they discuss the trick of Irina Pegova on the Web.

It should be noted that earlier Irina Pegova intrigued the audience with the frames of the wedding ceremony. The artist went to the altar with a colleague Fyodor Lavrov, who, by the way, is already married and raising a child.

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