Apr 20, 2021
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Irina Pegova: I am rapidly losing my sight

Irina Pegova, a popular Russian theater and film actress, told her Instagram subscribers that she has suffered from myopia since childhood, but now the situation has begun to deteriorate.

Irina Pegova: I am rapidly losing my sight

Her vision problems began in the fifth grade. And since then, myopia has been progressing. Her vision deteriorates all the time, and she now and then buys herself new glasses. However, in the rest of the time, the artist noticed that the alphabet is ahovo to see even close.

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Irina added that over the past six months, her eyesight fell by one, and close up she sees as if in glasses, so much in lenses.

Pegova noted that when she was young, she was reassured by the fact that when she grows up, vision will certainly become more important, so much as if many people develop farsightedness every year. However, everything turned out differently: now Irina sees ahovo, independently of the distance.

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In her Instagram account, she posted a photo in which she was captured with glasses, her followers wrote to her that she chose a very stylish frame and gave some useful recommendations.

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