Apr 19, 2021
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Irina Pegova began to lose her eyesight


Actress Irina Pegova admitted that she is losing her eyesight.

The artist does not wear glasses for the sake of “show off” or for the image – the actress has real health problems. The actress complained that her vision has deteriorated dramatically over the past six months. Because of this, Pegova is experiencing severe discomfort. In addition to the fact that it interferes with everyday life, she lost the opportunity to practice her favorite hobby.

My myopia, unfortunately, is increasing and increasing … My minus is growing incessantly, and over the past six months, not only has my vision dropped by one, to my surprise, I also stopped seeing close up with glasses and lenses. Reading is very uncomfortable“, – shared Pegova on Instagram.

Pegova said that she was looking for a way out, but she, apparently, still could not decide on the operation. In the future, she will still have to seriously engage in treatment, because otherwise she risks completely losing her eyesight.

Irina Pegova
Irina Pegova

Previously, Irina shared details of other health problems that affected her legs. The artist talked about suffering from pain and swelling, as well as from recurrent seizures. This, however, does not prevent Pegova from successfully performing in ballroom dancing competitions with her partner Yevgeny Raev, whom she met on the set of a TV show.

By the way, last weekend Anna Sedokova spoke about severe eye inflammation. The singer admitted that she hid her health problems for more than a week. Over the weekend, the situation got out of control and the singer required emergency surgery. She underwent surgery and had a bandage applied to her eye. The result of the operation was demonstrated by Sedokova on video for social networks.

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