Apr 2, 2021
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Irina Nikitina: People need vaccinations, not political games

While discussions are going on in Russia about whether to fill the halls of theaters and philharmonic societies by 50 or already by 75%, Europe can only dream of an audience at concerts.

Irina Nikitina, President of the Musical Olympus Foundation, host of the Enigma program on the Kultura TV channel:

I spent the entire pandemic in Switzerland and Germany. In the field of culture, at first there was a complete lockdown everywhere. The most vulnerable part of the population turned out to be musicians, especially free, young ones: if there are no concerts, what to live on? In Berlin, cultural institutions have been closed since December. Not to mention restaurants and non-grocery stores. There have been many cases of psychological trauma when people do not know how to live on.

Now in Moscow I went to the theater every day, to concerts. I send my friends abroad photos of the programs – they do not believe that it is real. My friend – a world star for 78 years – cannot be grafted. There is a long queue: first, they vaccinate 90-year-olds, then 80-year-olds … Contacts do not help. But the world must not lose this musician! Germany and Switzerland are still lucky – there the states pay those left without work. You just need to provide a document on how much you earned per month or what taxes you paid. The regions decide a lot. For example, the residents of Hamburg were not allowed out in the direction of Schleswig-Holstein, where they have apartments on the sea – there were barriers across the road. At the same time, the vaccination process is politicized. But ordinary people don’t care where the vaccine comes from. They need medicine, not political games.

In America, in general, they immediately announced that everything was closed for the season. The New York Orchestra is almost fired. The Metropolitan Opera, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the New York Philharmonic have always had many sponsors. Where are they now, when you need not to be with the musicians at the gala dinner, but to support them so that they do not fall into the abyss ?! It is also hard for artists who depended on patrons of the arts. But if the whole world is afflicted with leprosy, then we must fight together. We are all in the same submarine. And Russia could take a step towards the world: who can, come and get vaccinated! This would be the best solution.

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