Jan 28, 2021
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Irina Gorbacheva: Ksenia Sobchak pisses me off

The famous Russian actress Irina Gorbacheva spoke about her relationship to the famous journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak.

Irina Gorbacheva: Ksenia Sobchak pisses me off

Irina said that until the time was found she was very critical of her, and she even seemed to her a disgusting woman, a person who had infuriated and irritated her at all times.

Despite the fact that even at the moment she has an ambiguous opinion about her person, she still respects Sobchak, wanting to be for the reason that she has achieved a lot in her life.

The actress noted that she sees her like a child, in which there are countless total “crammed”: clamps, complexes about herself and her appearance. However, a man of the century works and does something in spite of everything, she emphasized.

Irina added that Xenia looks like a chameleon, which can adapt favorably to circumstances, which is why people look to her so critically. Gorbacheva herself now looks at the journalist as if she were a human event, because she manages to attract attention with her appearance, statement or some extraordinary act.

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