Jan 27, 2021
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Irina Gorbacheva admitted that Ksenia Sobchak irritated her for a long time

13:27, 01/27/2021

Now the actress is trying not to react so sharply to the journalist.

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Irina Gorbacheva, 32, is one of the brightest actresses in contemporary Russian cinema. In 2020 alone, three high-profile projects came out with her participation: “Chiki”, “Fire”, “Feedback”. Also, the actress is often invited to give interviews. So, Irina became a guest of the YouTube show “The Most Conscious Podcast” with Sergei Mezentsev. Among other things, Gorbacheva said that Ksenia Sobchak used to be very annoying.

“Sobchak irritated me for a long time. This is how the character was pissed off. You just know how disgusting she is. Like sometimes on Buzova: “Why is she singing? She doesn’t have a voice at all, ”and so on and so forth. And you know, to Buzova, like everyone else: “Yes, we will never say that we like her. We are normal. ” And with Sobchak … I now remember that she provoked a reaction in me: “You pissed me off, you annoy me,” – said Irina.

Irina Gorbacheva admitted that Ksenia Sobchak irritated her for a long time

However, Gorbacheva subsequently managed to figure out why Sobchak caused such negative emotions in her. The actress realized that in the journalist she was enraged by the qualities that are present in herself. Giving a characterization of Ksenia in an interview with Mezentsev, Irina stated that the TV presenter is a chameleon who adapts to his environment.

Irina noted that in her YouTube show “Caution, Sobchak!” Ksenia tries to dress to match her guests. However, later the actress realized that this is not a lack of individuality in the TV presenter, but rather a necessity. “But I also think this is part of the interview, perhaps. Or maybe … I just started that I hare taboo and send energy to a person. I thought: “Stop!”, – said the actress. According to Irina, as soon as she figured out why Ksenia was so annoying, how the actress’s attitude towards the journalist herself and her outlook on her life changed.

Irina Gorbacheva noticed that in every interview in her show, Ksenia Sobchak appears in different images

“Baba is working. Making money. So, so … You know, I started looking at her as an event. Just like a phenomenon. For me, she went from the category of irritation to the category of a phenomenon. I may like her, dislike her in terms of approach, or something else. Something is better, something is worse. But she is a phenomenon! She achieved this, no matter what. The man went a hard way, which was strongly imprinted on her. I see her as a child in whom there is really a lot of stuff, and clamps, and complexes about herself and her appearance. A person always works and does something in spite of everything, ”concluded Irina.

It is noteworthy that when discussing Sobchak, Gorbacheva also remembered Olga Buzova. Despite her popularity with a multimillion audience on her microblog on Instagram, Olga often faces criticism, both of her creativity and behavior. However, Irina said that, in her opinion, Buzova is simply not afraid to be herself. “Buzov’s phenomenon. She is who she is. She’s not afraid of it. And that’s why she’s annoying, ”Gorbacheva said.

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