Jan 12, 2022
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Irina Alferova complained about low income


70-year-old actress Irina Alferova complained that she could not fly on tour in business class.

Irina Alferova is still actively working – she plays in the theater, acts in films, goes on tour. However, the actress cannot boast of high earnings, which sometimes upsets her greatly, for example, when she has to fly not in business class, but in “economy”.

“Ethe same as throwing a violin in a musician’s luggage. My body is also an instrument; it must be transported with care. Can you imagine how insulting that I am flying to work in the housekeeper, and the fat, bald guys with the girls are flying to rest?“- Irina Ivanovna complains.

According to Alferova, the title of People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, received in 2007, does not bring her any additional payments, so she does not attach much importance to it. “The title in our country gives only one advantage, when you die, your loved ones will not suffer and look for where to bury you. They’ll be immediately given some good graveyard“, – said the star of the Soviet cinema.

Irina Alferova
Irina Alferova

Fortunately, Alferova has not yet complained about her health, and the last time she was seriously ill last summer – the actress, together with her husband Sergei Martynov, suffered a coronavirus. The artist then spent more than two weeks in the hospital in serious condition, but managed to overcome a dangerous illness.

Irina Alferova with her husband
Irina Alferova with her husband

I was ill for almost six months. It all started on a summer vacation. First, my husband and I lay in a covid one, then – in a post-covid one … Some viewers think that we were in some kind of special clinic, they treated us in a special way. Not! I called the director with the last bit of strength. I say: “I beg you, I can neither get up nor sit down, even if you take me to the hospital at night.” The husband says: “I will not go.” Two days later, he felt even worse than me, and I took him to my room.“, – shared Alferova in an interview with Hello!

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