Oct 15, 2021
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Irena Ponaroshku told how she lost weight after giving birth


38-year-old TV presenter Irena Ponaroshku admitted that for the first time she had lost so much weight.

The popular Vijay has been a vegetarian for many years. She tries to make the diet balanced, not only for the sake of harmony, but also for health. Irena has two sons: Seraphim and Theodore. She did not like the state of her body after the second birth – she wanted a quick transformation. The host of the TV Channel SPA column in the Evening Urgant show decided to refuse food for several days.

Exactly a year ago, in early October 2020, I went to my first detox with a three-day hunger. Before that, I had never starved in 38 years and generally considered it impossible. I really love food. The food is my favorite, mmm! During those 3 days of hunger, I threw off the hateful postpartum kilograms, but mentally I was ready that they would stick back in a week or two. However, when I was surprised to find that I could do without food, I decided to fast once a week for 36 hours. And in parallel, try to observe the intervals of 16/8 or at least 14/10“- admitted Ponaroshku.

Irena Ponaroshku
Irena Ponaroshku

The blogger explained how this system works. In the first option, fasting is allowed once a week for 36 hours. During this time, you can drink water, herbal teas and a minimum of coffee. The second option involves intermittent fasting. A person eats what he wants for 8 hours. For the next 16 hours, he refuses food. Alternation conditions are also possible: 14 hours of hunger with 10 hours of food. Irena urged to consult a doctor. Her experience is the most positive.

This is the first nutritional system that I have managed to adhere to for such a long period. From counting calories and food diaries, I always flew in a month … All this year I kept plus or minus a weight that was comfortable for me, although in the intervals between hunger I ate bread, croissants, chocolates and bowls of fruit. There were practically no rashes on the skin, although in general I am prone to them. Hair did not fall off. The eye burned. There was enough energy. In days of famine, it could chill a little in the evening. Headache several times“, – the powder came to light.

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