Sep 9, 2022
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Irena Ponaroshku spoke about the horrors of divorce


39-year-old presenter Irena Ponaroshku spoke about what she went through after the divorce.

The TV star said that she had hardly survived the breakup with her husband. Irena Ponaroshku admitted that until the last she wanted to save her family.

The former VJ of the MTV Russia channel leads an active lifestyle, while he manages to raise children. Irena prefers to hide her personal life and not talk about her ex-husband – Alexander Glukhov, better known as DJ List.

Two years after the divorce, Ponaroshku nevertheless decided to tell how she coped with the breakup. The TV star assured that she lived with pain for the first time without her husband.

When I lived through the separation from my husband, we were together for more than 10 years, I felt wild pain. Every day, day after day. I remember feeling relieved when I learned that a huge part of that pain is the breakdown of dynamic stereotypes—the scientific name for habit. Look: you live with a person … you are used to having two towels in the bathroom, two toothbrushes, his clothes in the closet, he sits next to you on the plane, in the fall he “changes shoes” for your car, takes meter readings, you buy food for two watch movies together“, – explained the TV personality.

Irena Ponaroshka with her husband
Irena Ponaroshku with her husband – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Irena noted that all these habits make you hold on to relationships that have already outlived their usefulness. “All this grows into your consciousness, and the brain reads these conditions as familiar, and therefore safe. And suddenly it all disappears. No toothbrush. His shoes are not in the hallway. There is no one to call, there is no one to send a meme, ”Ponaroshka opened up.

The presenter was sure that the family needed to be saved. The ex-wife of the DJ wanted to return the relationship and feel the usual way of life again.

And the brain screams every time: “Danger! Danger! Give it back, I’m scared, it’s wrong, I don’t want to! And we think: oh, what love! Well, if it hurts so much, then it’s definitely love, fate! We urgently need to glue everything that is broken with superglue, cover the cracks with sealant and pray that it does not fall apart“, – said the blogger.

After a while, Irena realized that she was plagued by typical anxiety about the future. I pretended to pull myself together and survived the breakup with dignity.

The bad news: the pain of dynamic stereotyping is inevitable. The good news is that over time, new dynamic stereotypes form and the pain goes away. And now you can call a tire fitting at home, I had a contact somewhere, if anything“, – Irena said with a smile.

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