Jan 8, 2021
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Irena Ponaroshku said that a week before the filming of the New Year’s show “Evening Urgant” fell ill with coronavirus

20:13, 07.01.2021

Due to illness, the TV presenter was unable to take part in the holiday broadcast of the 2021 program.

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TV presenter and blogger Irena Ponaroshku adheres to a healthy lifestyle and actively promotes it among her audience. In particular, she practices and popularizes yoga, good nutrition and respect for the environment. Despite strong immunity, as Irena herself notes, COVID-19 has not spared her either. As it turned out, a week before the New Year 2021, she had had a mild coronavirus, but the TV presenter told about this only now.

According to Irena Ponaroshku, when her throat sore and her voice sat down, she attributed these symptoms to a common cold. “It felt like a common cold or flu. If one kind person hadn’t sent me a test package, I might not have found out that this is it, ”the TV presenter shared in her microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are here and below without changes – Prim. line.). It is worth noting that none of her relatives, with whom she spent time during her illness, contracted the coronavirus.

Irena Ponaroshku said that a week before the filming of the New Year’s show “Evening Urgant” fell ill with coronavirus

Approximately on the seventh day after the first symptoms appeared, as Ponaroshku noted, her sense of smell disappeared. However, after 10 days everything returned to normal. Also, the TV presenter felt severe weakness, but she did not have a temperature. In addition, she did a computed tomography of the lungs, and also passed an analysis for antibodies. The percentage of lung damage was one percent and the antibody rate was low. Nevertheless, before flying to Thailand, where Irena is going on January 23, the TV presenter, as she noted, will take the test again. By the way, she will still have to go through quarantine upon arrival in Thailand, even with antibodies, Irena added.

Work and business, as well as New Year’s performances for children Seraphim and Theodora because of illness Ponaroshka had to be canceled. By the way, it was because of this that she was forced to abandon filming the New Year’s edition of the show “Evening Urgant”. According to the TV presenter, this was the most offensive, because she fell ill just a week before filming.

It is noteworthy that Irena did not believe in the existence of coronavirus until she received a positive test for coronavirus. Where exactly COVID-19 got infected Ponaroshku, the TV presenter does not know: “I have a very strong immunity. I rarely get sick. I invest a lot in my health. And in the end I got sick. My assistants are not. I sin on stress and overwork. December was very brutal in terms of work. I think the body could not stand this race and gave up the slack. “

Irena Ponaroshku with her family

Let us remind you that Ponaroshku is a permanent host of the SPA TV channel heading in the Evening Urgant show. Last September, Irena returned after a long hiatus to the studio for an evening show. But, remarkably, not one. She also brought her new pet with her – a huge Central Asian shepherd dog named Wolf. Pretend then talked about her long-standing desire to have a serious dog and his performance.

“I wanted an Alabai, a thoroughbred puppy. From a good nursery, with documents, from parents with a stable psyche. But in the end it turned out that it was not the season for Alabai puppies. And suddenly I accidentally saw an account of one shelter on social networks, and a big white dog there! I decided to go and see if this dog is right for me, can I keep it? And chemistry happened between us! ”- Irena opened her heart then in a conversation with Ivan Urgant. The star responded to the call of the shelter to come and take a walk with their pets. At the same time, Irena met her future pet and took a closer look at him. And after that she didn’t want to part with the dog.

Irena Ponaroshku at the evening show with a dog

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