Sep 15, 2020
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Irena Ponaroshku came to the show “Evening Urgant” with a Central Asian Shepherd named Wolf

07:04, 09/15/2020

The TV presenter took a huge Alabai from an animal shelter.

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TV presenter and blogger Irena Ponaroshku adheres to a healthy lifestyle and actively promotes it among her audience. In addition, she practices and promotes yoga, a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and respect for the environment. In May 2017, Irena became the host of the show "About health: Make a mistake and seriously" about health and beauty. In each episode of the program, she talks about novelties in medicine, cosmetology and interesting discoveries of scientists.

After a divorce from her husband, Irena Ponaroshku got a big dog

In addition, Ponaroshku is the regular host of the SPA TV section in the Evening Urgant show. The night before, Irena returned after a long break to the studio for the evening show. But, remarkably, not one. She also brought her new pet with her - a huge Central Asian shepherd dog Alabai named Wolf. She told about her long-standing desire to have a serious dog and his performance.

Irena Ponaroshku at the evening show with a dog

“I wanted an Alabai, a thoroughbred puppy. From a good nursery, with documents, from parents with a stable psyche. But in the end it turned out that it was not the season for Alabai puppies. And suddenly, quite by accident, I saw an account of one shelter on social networks, and a big white dog there! I decided to go and see if this dog is right for me, can I keep it? And chemistry happened between us! ”Irena said in a conversation with Ivan Urgant. The star responded to the call of the shelter to come and take a walk with their pets. At the same time, Irena met her future pet and took a closer look at him. And after that she didn't want to part with the dog.

Alabai named Wolf

For fun, I brought a belt and knee pads made of dog hair to the studio, which, according to Irena herself, she knitted herself. It is interesting that they were awarded as a prize to the audience of the show along with the autograph of Ivan Urgant. By the way, Ponaroshku, in the context of the fact that she had a dog, joked caustically about her recent divorce from her husband. “According to the laws of physics, when one physical body leaves space, another takes its place,” the TV star quipped.

Irena Ponaroshku with her husband Alexander Glukhov

Recall that on August 10, 38-year-old Irena Ponaroshku made an official statement in her microblog on Instagram: they are with Alexander Glukhov, known as DJ List, got divorced. The couple has been married for almost 10 years, but rumors of separation appeared in the fall of last year. In September, Alexander published an emotional post on his microblog, which he soon deleted. In it, he stated that his wife had announced his divorce.

In addition, Alexander accused Irene of self-interest and ingratitude. Having excited the public, the musician hastened to remove the publication, noting afterwards that he no longer believes in love. In addition, Liszt spoke out on a painful topic for himself once again, saying that it was Irena who "ended the relationship with him as husband and wife." Alexander also stressed that Ponaroshka was allegedly ashamed of his spouse.

Recall, Irena and Alexander got married in December 2010. Their first child was born on March 31, 2011 Seraphim. In October 2018, the second son was born - Theodore... As Irena said, having learned the sex of the second child, she cried for three days. The star who dreamed of a daughter even hinted that she would not mind becoming a mother for the third time.

Irena Ponaroshku with her family

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