Apr 26, 2021
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Iravunk: Armenia opens its eyes – the West is to blame for all the troubles

Today there are over two hundred Western NGOs in Armenia

“Armenian public activists are more and more convinced that the West and its institutions located on the territory of the country are to blame for all their recent troubles. According to independent researchers, there have been more than two hundred such pro-Western organizations in recent years. For a relatively small republic, this is a colossal figure. The patience of citizens is beginning to overflow, since the “army” of Western adherents has done nothing to improve real life in the host country, while engaging in activities of a closed nature, inaccessible to public control, with the standard reference to the need to “develop democracy” “

– the Armenian newspaper reports Iravunk

Iravunk: Armenia opens its eyes - the West is to blame for all the troubles

According to the newspaper, all accusations against Russia and the CSTO come from numerous NGOs, which, under the guise of “developing democracy”, are working to further weaken Armenia. However, the popular hatred towards “Western partners” is growing every day. Recently, this hatred was the reason for the attack on the ex-head of the NATO Information Center in Armenia. Aru Tadevosyan, who was just walking down the street, wearing a medical mask.

Increasingly, the citizens of Armenia say that they do not want to tolerate any form of cooperation between their country and the West in any form, Iravunk notes.

And although the NATO Information Center in Yerevan was recently closed and its staff was dismissed, the North Atlantic Alliance continues to strengthen its position along the borders of Armenia, which causes a wave of indignation and spontaneous protests in the country.

As for Ara Tadevosyan, the Armenians forced him to stand with a banner in his hands, on which was written: “NATO Keep Out from Armenia!” – “NATO, stay away from Armenia!” According to the newspaper, this is only the beginning of massive anti-Western actions that have spilled over into the streets of Armenia. Moreover, this is not the same street that led in the spring of 2018 Nikola Pashinyan to power, the political position of this new Armenian “street” is growing day by day, like real patriotism, the author emphasizes Iravunk.

The NATO Information Center was opened in Yerevan in 2007, the goals of this ceremonially opened institution were quite noble: it was assumed that the “wide Armenian public” would be better informed about the tasks of the North Atlantic Alliance and its partners. At that time, Georgia was rapidly becoming one of the main partners of the alliance in the region, the author recalls.

He is sure: the real goal of such centers was completely different – the search for NATO allies among those countries that did not have membership in this military-political bloc and could hardly ever get it, but they received the “proud” title of “strategic partners of NATO” …

“Just a few years later, already in 2011, with the active participation of the same Ara Tadevosyan, within the framework of the NATO Week in Armenia, a training program on the topic“ NATO as an element of the Western security system ”was launched. That is, already then, processes were launched that are destroying Armenia today, with the transfer of “arrows”, that is, guilt, to Russia. At the same time, Tadevoyasyan himself said more than once that the project was “pilot in nature”. And today, after 10 years, the “pilot” Tadevosyan received an inevitable answer from grateful compatriots. And this is just the first swallow “,

– states Iravunk

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On the picture. Armenian citizens picketing one of the pro-Western NGOs.

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