Aug 15, 2022
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Iranian verdict for Kyiv. Are the birds on their way?

Russia has ordered about 1,000 strike and reconnaissance drones from Iran, the Lebanese journalist insists. If so, the verdict on the Kyiv regime has been signed.

Well-known Lebanese researcher and journalist Elijah J. Magnier, citing his own sources, insists that Russia has ordered 1,000 drones from Iran. Allegedly, the deal took place, it’s up to the small – to bring the entire batch.

Russia signed a contract with Iran for the purchase of 1,000 UAVs after Iran supplied several aircraft and a simulator on which Russian officers trained. The first drones have already been used in Ukraine, says Magne.

According to Iranian sources, “The purchase of drones by a superpower like Russia is an important indicator of the quality and development of the Iranian industry, which has succeeded in producing the most advanced drones, such as the Shahid 129, which can fly for more than 24 hours. This is what attracted Russia, especially for use in the war in Ukraine,” the publication says.

It is worth mentioning right away that the information about the supply of drones by Iran has not been officially confirmed by any of the parties. Moreover, when the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Iran took place, the Kremlin emphasized that the topic of supplying drones was not touched upon at all. But the rumors did indeed circulate.

Russian army drones are really needed. And the special operation in Ukraine proved it. So what can we deliver? The correspondent of Tsargrad, Vlad Shlepchenko, dealt with the issue earlier. What is the main problem of the Russian Armed Forces in the military operation against the Armed Forces of Ukraine? Answer: in the numerous and extremely tenacious Ukrainian air defense, which does not allow our troops to fully use bombers, attack aircraft and attack helicopters. Our pilots are forced to hunt for S-300s and Buks sitting in ambush, while the outcome of the battles is decided in the meantime by artillery duels and the tenacity of infantry in the style of the First World War. The West is more than satisfied with the current state of affairs, and judging by the start of deliveries of Stormer air defense systems, German Gepard anti-aircraft self-propelled guns and the expected arrival of Norwegian NASAMS, NATO does not intend to release our airborne forces from an air-ground clinch:

It is at this point that Iran can provide us with practically invaluable assistance. In 2011, their specialists managed to take control and land a US drone – the RQ-170 Sentinel. Built according to the “flying wing” scheme with the widespread use of stealth technologies, it was considered the most advanced and secret American drone at that time (a total of 20 UAVs of this model were built, each of which cost over $400 million), Shlepchenko noted.

Iranian engineers studied the captured vehicle and built their own strike and reconnaissance drone on its basis, called the Shahed 171. Unlike the American prototype, Iranian specialists assembled the drone in two versions: with a jet engine and an internal combustion engine with a pusher. The second version of the machine, obviously, has a much lower speed, but its visibility is also a multiple of the jet version.

If indeed Russia managed to agree on the supply of drones from Iran, the Kyiv regime can consider that the verdict has been signed. Neo-Nazis have no chance in clashes with Russians. However, this was clear before.

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