Jan 4, 2022
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Iranian leader flies to Putin with his own nuclear bomb in his pocket

Photo: Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi

Photo: Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi (Photo: Zuma / TASS)

One day in early January 2022, news programs around the world will probably begin with news from Moscow. They are very much awaited in dozens of major countries – some with hope, others with hatred and fear. This is about the upcoming first visit of the Iranian president Ibrahima Raisi to Russia. It is highly probable that the main result of this trip could be an acute global crisis, which has not been equal in recent decades.

The fact that a completely extraordinary trip of the leader of the Persians to our capital is ahead is convinced by how menacingly it is furnished. The upcoming presidential visit was reported not as usual – by a representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry. No, Raisi’s personal acquaintance with Vladimir Putin in the beginning of the month was announced by the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Major General Mohamad Bagheri… Apparently, he personally prepared his leader’s visit to Moscow when he took the same route in October last year.

Then General Bagheri was received by the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, General of the Army Valery Gerasimov… It is clear that three months ago could become the main subject of their conversations: the conditions for the supply of our most advanced weapons by Russia to Iran. This turned out to be possible, since only recently all restrictions on this issue by the UN were lifted.

Probably, the generals have already agreed on something very significant. Otherwise, why would Raisi himself be going on a long journey now? Not otherwise – in order to put your signature on new multi-billion dollar contracts. And thus, at the same time, cause a new attack of hatred among the United States, Israel and their allies in Western Europe. Because for them this news is more terrible than the imminent invasion of Ukraine by the Americans, which had long been promised by the Americans. God, what kind of Ukraine is there when the dance with torches begins in the main powder and oil magazine in the world – the Middle East?

In the foreign press, information very similar to the truth appeared about what exactly Raisi intends to get from Putin’s hands. In general terms: a large batch of 24 Su-35 generation 4 ++ fighters, S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems, a number of military reconnaissance satellites. The total supply of such weapons is said to be $ 10 billion.

Let us take into account, however, that all this has probably already been promised to Tehran in Moscow. Otherwise, why would the president of this country suddenly rush to a meeting with Putin with bags full of dollars?

However, it is possible that at least part of the huge money Moscow will receive by deliveries of oil. It will be extremely difficult for our common ill-wishers to interrupt, taking into account the Caspian Sea space that is common for Russia and Iran and is practically inaccessible for the Americans so far.

Please note: in the above list of weapons that Tehran urgently needs are systems of exclusively defensive orientation. Why, then, is there so much obvious concern among the enemies of the Persians, if they are preparing to defend only themselves from any attacks – from the ocean, from the air and from space?

To understand this, it is enough, for example, to read just some kind of alarm article published on December 27, 2021 in the American magazine The New Yorker. The material is named accordingly – “The Looming Threat of a Nuclear Crisis with Iran.”
In my opinion, there is nowhere more alarming. Moreover, as the interlocutors of the author of the article, the military and politicians from the first power echelon of the collective West and Israel – the head of the Central Command (CENTCOM) of the US Armed Forces, General Kenneth Franklin McKenzie, US Special Representative for Iran Robert Mally, Deputy Secretary General of the European Union Enrique Moru, Head of the Political-Military Bureau of the Israeli Defense Ministry Zohar Palti other.

In a generalized form, their opinion looks like this: the time it takes Iran to produce a warhead for its first atomic bomb of its own, today has been reduced to three weeks. “It’s really short – and unacceptably short,” The New Yorker quotes an unnamed senior presidential administration official. Joe Biden

“The problem with Iran’s nuclear program is that at the moment there is no diplomatic mechanism to stop them. Iran is not afraid of anything anymore, ”the already mentioned Zohar Palti adds horror to the picture of the impending apocalypse on each of us. But then what about negotiations on the return of Tehran and Washington to the “Iranian nuclear deal”, which, after a long hiatus, resumed in Austria?

It seems that no one really believes in the success of these too many long-boring Viennese gatherings. Under their cover, the warring parties are beginning to more and more openly and clearly build their battle formations in front of a decisive and almost inevitable, as it seems to them, battle. In a nutshell, the landscape before the battle in the Middle East looks like this.

As you might expect, Israel is much more painful than even the United States when it comes to news about the Persians’ nascent nuclear weapons before our very eyes. Simply because it is clear to everyone there: if the bomb is ever deployed, then Tehran will try to send the Jewish state to the forefathers first. The very right to exist which he denies from the very beginning.

Biden, apparently, hopes to sit out overseas in the role of almost Leopold the cat. This makes Tel Aviv very upset, realizing more and more clearly that this time he will probably have to fight the Persians one on one.

The Americans are practically no help to him against Iran. Unless, in addition to the eight newest Boeing KC-46 tanker aircraft purchased from the Pentagon by the Israelis in February 2021 (the first two are to enter the Israeli Air Force at the end of 2023), they literally just sold a couple more of the same for an additional 1.1 billion dollars. … Each vehicle of this type is capable of transporting up to 96 tons of fuel at a range of 1,830 kilometers, significantly increasing the combat radius of dozens of Israeli fighters along the way when refueling. Without which, the IDF conducting a massive aerospace operation against the nuclear facilities of the Persians would be even theoretically impracticable.

At the same time, Tel Aviv does not consider it necessary to hide the fact that it has long begun to prepare for such an operation. Even without the explicit participation of the Americans who became too timid under Biden, from the point of view of Israel, the Americans.

Anyway, on the first day of 2022, the Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid stated: “Israel has opportunities that the world and even some experts in this field cannot imagine. And Israel will defend itself against the Iranian threat … For this we do not need anyone’s permission. This has been the case since the first day of the creation of this state. “

And what about Iran? In the face of a crushing war rapidly approaching the entire Middle East, he behaves as if he is now in charge of this china shop.

For clarity, at the end of last December, on the coast of the Persian Gulf, the command of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps conducted a five-day “Great Prophet” exercise. Before that, Israel’s nuclear infrastructure was modeled at the missile range. In particular, the plutonium reactor in Dimona (Negev desert) has been reproduced very accurately. It was simultaneously struck by 16 ballistic missiles in conventional equipment. In parallel, this alleged “reactor” was successfully attacked by many kamikaze drones.

Almost immediately, on December 30, 2021, Iranian state television announced the launch of a supposedly multistage space rocket, which, as said, were carrying three orbiters. Representative of the Minister of Defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ahmad Hosseini said that this is a Simurg launch vehicle, and Iran has launched three vehicles simultaneously for the first time.

Thus, outwardly, everything looked almost peaceful. In addition, Tehran soon announced that, according to its information, the New Year’s launch ended in failure. They say that the set speed was not reached by the “Simurg”, the satellites did not go into the set orbit. However, the Israeli information and analytical site “Details” reported that in fact, the task of putting the vehicles into space was not set before the organizers of the tests. Simply because, in reality, on that day, not a space, but a long-range ballistic missile with three separable warheads was launched in Iran. In this case, it is logical to assume that at least one of them can be fully equipped with a nuclear charge. It is hardly by chance that the French Foreign Ministry instantly officially called the flight of the mysterious Simurg a blow to the Vienna talks.

But is it worth even mentioning international diplomatic efforts in the Austrian capital against such an alarming military-political background? It looks like it’s too late to waste ambassadorial ink when the guns in the Middle East are already loaded.

But the question is: why would Putin also rush headlong into such a clearly boiling nuclear missile pool? Is it really just for the sake of Iranian billions alone?

I hope this would be too primitive. But to use the chance for a big political game with the Americans around the Iranian nuclear issue … Let’s say, promising to take into account at least some of their and Israeli concerns in the Middle East in exchange for Washington’s greater sensitivity to the needs of Russia, say, in the “Ukrainian” direction? Why not?

And at this time

On the forthcoming visit of the Iranian President to Russia, a number of Western media are actively quoting the Iranian journalist. Babaka Tagwai, who has been permanently residing in the West since 2013 after being accused of espionage in his homeland. So, according to this expert, of the 24 Russian Su-35 fighters requested by the Iranians, two-thirds are already ready for flights and have long been parked at the airfield of the Gagarin Aviation Plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

The fact is that combat aircraft have long been manufactured by order of Egypt. Cairo, under an agreement from 2018, immediately paid Moscow $ 3 billion for these cars. But then, under pressure from the United States, it was forced to abandon the deal. Left, thus, and without money, and without fighters.

Now the way out seems to be found. The Iranians are eagerly ready to take the former Egyptian Su-35s, having settled with both Moscow and Cairo with crude oil. In Iran, 30 best pilots were selected in advance to be sent to study in Russia. If the documents are signed, flights will begin in January.

And by mid-2022, the Persians will receive all 24 Su-35s from Komsomolsk-on-Amur. That is, even before Israel receives the first American KS-46 tanker aircraft. And Tel Aviv’s conduct of an aerospace operation to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities may become practical.

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