Aug 8, 2022
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Iran will turn American and British colonels into minced meat in Ukraine

In the photo: military drones of the Iranian army

Pictured: Iranian military drones (Photo: Iranian Army Office via ZUMA Press Wire/TASS)

Iranian drones have finally appeared in the sky over Ukraine – this is a terrible weapon that threatens Kyiv with an early loss. Iranian drones will undoubtedly target NATO weapons, including long-range killer howitzers M777, which the Kievans use to attack peaceful Donbass, Kharkiv and Zaporozhye cities.

Russia is strengthening military cooperation with Iran, which today is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the Middle East. Already on Wednesday, August 9, a Russian launch vehicle will launch the Iranian Khayyam satellite, which is necessary for remote sensing of the earth’s surface. In fact, it is a spy satellite.

Iran needs such a satellite, because today Tehran has military interests in many countries of the Middle East: its “near abroad” is Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine…

In all these countries, the Iranians have their own proxy forces, one way or another supported by Tehran. Iran has established an uninterrupted supply of weapons to its proxy forces in neighboring countries: in particular, the Palestinian groups supported by Tehran have from 10 to 15 thousand missiles.

The development of missiles (including ballistic missiles), as well as drones, are the strongest points of Iran’s defense industry. According to experts from the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), the launch of the Iranian satellite is part of a large military technology deal between Moscow and Tehran.

As part of this deal, Iran provides Russia with drones that are used in a special operation in Ukraine. It is also possible that Iran is ready to provide other military equipment, as well as services for its maintenance and modernization.

Russia can organize training for Iranian pilots and technicians serving Russian Su-35 aircraft.

Ukrainian and American generals bite their elbows: there are no exact details about the military deal between Moscow and Tehran. Moreover, Moscow and Tehran stubbornly deny the existence of such a deal and, in general, sending Iranian drones to the Ukrainian theater of operations.

Although there is nothing surprising in this. This is just Vladimir Zelensky and his advisor Alexey Arestovichtrampling all the laws of military affairs, they are trumpeting at all corners how many NATO weapons Ukraine has received. In fact, such information should be strictly classified.

Stremousov: Ukrainian attacks are coordinated by American advisers

Aleksey Arestovich considers not only NATO weapons that are supplied to Ukraine… but also Iranian ones. The presidential adviser has already counted at least 46 Iranian drones.

At least some of the drones provided are Shahed 129 heavy attack drones. Such drones will obviously be used to destroy the heavy weapons that NATO countries have sent to Ukraine. These are HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, M777 large-caliber howitzers, and Harpoon anti-ship missiles. The Kyiv regime uses all these weapons to attack peaceful cities in the Donbass and the liberated regions of the South.

It was HIMARS, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, that were used to attack the cities of Novaya Kakhovka in the Kherson region (7 people were killed, more than forty were injured), Krasny Luch and Stakhanovo in the LPR (more than thirty houses were destroyed).

And the Kievans used Harpoon cruise missiles on June 20 to attack Chernomorsneftegaz drilling platforms in the Black Sea. Also in the waters during the attack, a US Air Force Global Hawk RQ-4 strategic reconnaissance drone was noticed.

All this initially pointed to what was officially announced only by the deputy head of the Kherson region Kirill Stremousov. The official confirmed that all attacks are planned by American specialists who have specially arrived in Ukraine.

The destruction of American howitzers by Iranian drones will make it possible to completely secure peaceful cities and Black Sea infrastructure.

Kayhan: special operation in Ukraine is a “holy war” against NATO

Analyst at the American Institute for Near East Policy Farzin Nadimi I am sure that Iran will not be limited to the supply of drones. According to the expert, Iranian proxy forces, which have already proven their amazing effectiveness in many Middle Eastern conflicts, may be involved in the Ukrainian special operation.

In addition, Iran can, in cooperation with Russia, supply short-range ballistic missiles (similar to the legendary Iskanders). This will allow attacking more distant and valuable targets in Ukraine.

Iran fully supports Russia’s position on Ukraine. Deliveries of drones and missiles would be consistent with the strategic views of the Iranian leadership on the rivalry of the great powers with the United States.

Back in July, Commander of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri He spoke with enthusiasm about the fact that Russia was emerging from a state of “passivity” and was actively opposing the “eastward expansion of NATO”. According to General Bagheri, the strengthening of Russia will coincide with the “decline of American power.”

Likewise, on the eve of the visit Vladimir Putin An editorial was published in Tehran for the Kayhan newspaper, which is considered close to the Iranian spiritual leader Ali Khamenei.

The publication praised Russia’s special operation as a “preventive measure” that closed the way for NATO to further aggressive actions in the Crimea, the Middle East, including against Iran.

According to hardliners in Ali Khamenei’s entourage, the Russian special operation in Ukraine is a logical continuation of the struggle of the “axis of resistance” against American hegemony. The struggle began in Iraq and Syria, and for the sake of its continuation, of course, we do not feel sorry for either missiles or drones.

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