Oct 18, 2020
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Iran got the opportunity to buy weapons from other countries

On October 18, the arms embargo against Iran expires, it will have the opportunity to sell and buy weapons, reports RIA Novosti, citing a statement by the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

However, Tehran noted that weapons of mass destruction have no place in the country's military doctrine. In addition, Iran does not plan on the bulk purchases of conventional weapons.

The official representative of the department, Said Khatibzadeh, said that Iran is 90% independent for its defense needs and does not depend on foreign supplies.

Recall that five years ago came into force the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan to resolve the situation around the Iranian nuclear program, as well as the UN Security Council Resolution 2231 adopted in support of it, which established a five-year term of restrictions.

The United States actively opposed the lifting of the arms embargo against Tehran. In August, the United States proposed to the UN Security Council to extend the restrictions, but the document did not get the required number of votes. Subsequently, the US authorities imposed national sanctions on arms sales to Iran.

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