Sep 12, 2022
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Iosif Prigozhin is shocked by the act of Anastasia Volochkova.


Producer Iosif Prigogine criticized the ballet star.

The flowering of Anastasia Volochkova’s dancing talent is a thing of the past. For the past couple of years, the former prima of the Bolshoi Theater has been performing exclusively at charity show concerts. Although the artist still demonstrates excellent stretching, she can no longer perform complex parts.

To continue to be a sought-after star, the dancer decided to recently start a singing career. The other day, Volochkova presented a video for the song “A Sip of Love” at a private party. Probably, the ballerina decided that she was in no way inferior in singing to Olga Buzova, whom nature, as you know, also did not endow with a strong voice.

Anastasia Volochkova - photo from the archive -
Anastasia Volochkova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Iosif Prigogine, Valeria’s husband, is outraged that everyone is now trying to get into the musical Olympus. He criticized Volochkova and advised her to continue doing what she really knows better than others. The producer asks the ballerina “not to make his slippers laugh” and leave her dreams of success in music.

Stop mocking the music! Stop turning music into a farce, don’t devalue it! Everyone must do their job“, Prigozhin told Channel Five.

However, it is unlikely that Prigozhin’s remarks will be able to stop Volochkova on the way to her dream. Moreover, relatives of the ballerina support and believe in her strength. Recently, by the way, Anastasia presented the fans with a new boyfriend. She shared a picture with a certain Alexander, who rented three cars in order to deliver a huge number of bouquets to her house.

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