Nov 17, 2021
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Investigative Committee of Belarus opened a case after Poland used special equipment at the border

The Investigative Committee of Belarus opened a criminal case on the facts of the use of special equipment by the Polish security forces against migrants.

The actions of the police and military personnel of Poland are qualified as a crime against the safety of mankind and mass acts of atrocities committed in connection with race and ethnicity, Sputnik Belarus reports.

The day before, illegal migrants on the territory of Belarus made an attempt to break through the border, but it was stopped by the Polish security forces, who used tear gas and flash-noise grenades. After that, the Investigative Committee of Belarus began a check.

Now the investigative-operational group continues to work at the scene of the incident near the Bruzgi checkpoint, fragments of ammunition, grass and soil, on which traces of toxic and irritating substances remained, have been seized, a number of examinations have been appointed. Victims and witnesses are being questioned.

On Wednesday, November 17, the Polish authorities announced that the security forces stopped a new attempt by migrants to break through the fence. At the same time, Warsaw claims that the migrants were supported by Belarusian border guards.

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