Oct 17, 2020
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Investigative Committee in St. Petersburg began testing due to the death of a six-month-old boy whose mother refused to treat with antibiotics

In St. Petersburg, the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor's Office began an investigation over the death of their six-month-old son Igor and Marie Volochkovsky in the city hospital, Mediazona reports citing the websites of both departments.

"During the inspection, an assessment will be made of the parents' actions in fulfilling their duties, as well as the quality of medical care," the prosecutor's office says.

As follows from the video, published by NTV, Mari Volochkovskaya said that the child contracted whooping cough in Bali, and the family returned to St. Petersburg. After 2-3 weeks, he began to have a severe cough. The arriving doctors insisted on hospitalization.

“They began to make us fearful. They caught up with such fear, Lord.“ Your child is suffocating, you need to save. ”She wrote a refusal to take these antibiotics. , everything is fine with us, everything is fine, it will pass ", - said the baby's father Igor Volochkovsky.

The child's condition worsened, he fell into a coma. The boy was connected to a ventilator, but it was not possible to save him. Marie Volochkovskaya blamed doctors for the death of her son. “My absolutely healthy boy… If not for what the doctors did to him,” she wrote.

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