Apr 8, 2021
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Introduction to PolitoLochia

Introduction to PolitoLochia

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov / TASS

Until the local television, misunderstandingly referred to as “Russian”, did not see a monkey in me with a grenade, which would throw somewhere unknown, I liked to ask questions on various talk shows. Or at least tried to ask them. For example, why are “protection” and “defense” synonyms, and when adding the same root, “law enforcement” and “human rights defenders” are already antonyms?

Or, the Latin optimus is not only “the best”, but also “To know” (not a verb). Hence the expression “tax optimization” quite clearly explains in whose favor the “common fund” is redistributed, excuse the slang. Unlike jargon, slang can be used in different social groups if the word has gone beyond a specific one. However, the nuances for TV are like a pebble in a bottomless well. But what according to the rules of “political science” – sounds like a long echo.

Any science is aimed at the accumulation and systematization of information in its desire to know the surrounding reality. It doesn’t matter – exact or public, sometimes opposed to each other. Society must be studied and how, because we spend in it most of the allotted time. And with the use of a verified method, such activities can give results that are close to objective. Thus, formal logic lifts the content above the subjectivity: “Benzepika is either maturing or wandering. Thus, benzepika is not capable of both ripening and diving at the same time. “whatever that means.

But “to know” and “to rule” are poorly combined with each other. The steeper (more vertical) the vertical, the more primitive the controls. Therefore, it is not curiosity that should be kindled, but fear: the subsequent experience is more dangerous than the previous one, which means that we will rest in immutability. Give the baby a head, and stop development, but now he will not outweigh through the crib and will not face other cruelties of the world around him, because he will remain lying. In the end, not moving to the next class is also stability.

Political science is not propaganda: it does not “disseminate”, but “justifies”. Rather, it gives credibility. More precisely, it does not lead, but leads away. It is for her that jargon is characteristic, with its etymology from the Gallo-Roman gargon “chatter” or onomatopoeic “ha-ha-ha”. Specific communication, it, as it facilitates understanding (imagine if scientists used each of their own standards). So it makes it difficult (jargon), if necessary, to turn the alphabet into the incomprehensible.

My brain always reacts to “transfer of power” and “electoral transparency” with a story Korzhakova about how Yeltsin took a couple of vice-president for the elections Rutskoi on the advice of the assistant: “He has such a mustache, all the women will be ours!” True, Yeltsin had at least Yastrzhembsky, and Putin has a unique (impossible to repeat) Sands… The first, to sometimes answer, the second, so that they never ask. That’s where the true skill is!

Replacing the elementary with the bulky is important, but at first there is enough “provocation”, it is almost always useful. In ancient Rome, literally – a gladiatorial challenge. And, either he was accepted and fought, or the “challenger” became a bloodless winner (extremely rarely). It would be funny in response to a “provocation” addressed to others with an explanation: “Look, challenge!” They push you in the side, they say, what weapon will you take, what techniques will you use, and in general, are you going to the arena? And you are impenetrable: “provocation!” and you don’t move anywhere.

However, with only one “terminology” a politoLochia like Runglish – an Anglo-Russian surzhik, when some words were absorbed, and the rest of the rules were not learned, so you have to “drink beer” and “shop in the markets.” No, every serious political sorcerer knows:

1. Artificial dichotomy with its traditional choice between “soap from the table” or “bread from a pan”;

2. Obsessive extrapolation, allowing for a few grains of sand to estimate the entire beach;

3. Unconditional convention, in which, if there is no Putin, there is no Russia;

4. Inverted triangle, with apex on a textured point and “rays” of reasoning going to infinity;

5. Axiomatic paralogistics with its flawless chains like: the bribe-taker does not want to take anything bad. The acquisition of good is a good thing, therefore, the bribe taker strives for good.

Of course, one cannot immediately cover any legal mathematics, according to which, after 126th articles of the Constitution of the Russian Federation 128th, and 2X2 = 0. Neither experimental phonetics for filling space with sounds similar to meaningful ones. Neither the “positive chemistry” of presidents with its influence on the non-negative “physics” of states. However, the main thing in political science is language and a competent specialist will never let you grab hold of it, putting the situation under control with a sparkling joke:

The first word was eaten by a cow

Well, and the second was from the end,

This is the second – the sheep chewed,

If the sheep hadn’t intervened, then again,

The first word would be the second …

“Obsession” (not to be confused with adoration) is a separate specialization of political science, but about it some other time.

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