Jun 30, 2020
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Intrigue surrounding Armenian Constitutional Court persists

Passions around the Constitutional Court do not subside in Armenia.

Recall, the confrontation between the judges of the Constitutional Court and the Prime Minister Nikola Pashinyanlasting two years, it should have ended after the parliament dismissed three judges, although the decision of the parliament contradicts not only the conclusion of the Venice Commission, but also the Constitution of Armenia. In this connection, disgraced judges declared the decision of the parliament illegal and refused to obey it. And the head of the COP Hrayr Tovmasyan (who, by the same decision, was transferred from the chapter to ordinary judges) with Arevik Petrosyan (dismissed) went on vacation. Tovmasyan handed over the powers of the chairman during his vacation Alvine Gyulumyan (another disgraced judge), who, in turn, said on Monday that she was not going to go to work at the Constitutional Court.

“The judge cannot work on his own, he must be reserved cases, in addition, in the conditions of the coronavirus, you can work from home, so I don’t see the point now to go to work,”

- Gyulumyan explained to the journalists of the publication Lragira,

The judge recalled that so far there are no documents that would deprive her of authority, except for voting in parliament and loud statements by Pashinyan. In addition, the Act on the deprivation of authority should be adopted by the chairman of the Constitutional Court, who went on vacation and will not be there in the next three to four weeks. You can, of course, deprive Judge Gyulumyan of authority by a decision of the COP Council, but at present there is no quorum and will not be for a long time. There are no other options for depriving a judge of the Constitutional Court of powers.

Due to the fact that the power in the Constitutional Court is embodied in the state press, whether the seal of the Constitutional Court transferred to it will be forcibly taken from Alvina Gyulumyan and how it will look, there are no answers to these questions in Yerevan.

Moreover, the European People’s Party has already made a statement about everything that happens in Armenia around the Constitutional Court.

“The European People’s Party expressed regret that the ruling majority in Armenia voted in favor of the proposal for constitutional amendments, despite the fact that the Venice Commission emphasized that this does not comply with its recommendation. We hope that Armenia, through reforms in the country, will strengthen cooperation with the Venice Commission and strengthen the rule of law, democratic standards and the protection of the independence of the judiciary, ”

- the EPP said in a statement.

An extraordinary parliamentary meeting has already been scheduled for Tuesday, at which they will try to pass the next amendments to the law on the Constitutional Court, which will be another violation of the Constitution.

Sob. correspondent FSK

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