May 19, 2020
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“Interview with Hitler”: Shenderovich criticized Gordon over the air with Strelkov

photo: Social networks

Famous liberal publicist and satirist Viktor Shenderovich criticized Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon for an interview with former Donbass militia leader Igor Strelkov. Shenderovich shared his opinion on Facebook. The journalist is sure that Gordon was very fraudulent, announcing his cooperation with the Ukrainian special services.

Shenderovich noted that a journalist can and even has the right to interview Hitler. Which he can consider his professional luck. But a journalist should not share common values ​​and ideals with Hitler, boast of friendship with him, otherwise he will become Hitler’s PR service. “And he, like a proctologist, should wash his hands after taking it and carefully fill out the medical record without lying,” added Shenderovich. However, there is one important difference - the journalist, unlike the doctor, should not keep the secrets received, but put them on public display.

But there is another side to the interview. A journalist should have nothing to do with intelligence agencies. Indeed, in this case, he turns into their agent. So the publicist reacted to the earlier statement made by Gordon that he had interviewed Natalya Poklonskaya and Igor Strelkov in order to collect materials for the Hague Tribunal and Ukrainian special services. And today, the SBU said it would study Poklonskaya’s interview for Gordon. “A funny paradox looms: Gordon is now making excuses for what he is absolutely right in! And, making excuses, he is terribly substituted, ”Shenderovich said.

Let us leave the comparison of Shenderovich Igor Strelkov and Hitler on his conscience.

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