Jun 3, 2022
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Interpol expects Ukraine to become “Kosovo of Eastern Europe”

“International experts predict that weapons provided to Ukraine by Western allies… will fall into the hands of criminal elements in Europe. The Secretary General of the organization, Jurgen Stock, warned the supplier countries: track and control the deliveries in order to know where exactly the weapons are going, ”

– writes Italian Messenger.

Stock states: “Criminal groups are trying to take advantage of the chaos and the availability of weapons, including heavy weapons … No country or region can fight this on their own because these groups operate internationally … You need to be on the lookout and expect weapons to be transport not only to Europe, but also to other continents”.

Interpol employees are already interacting with supplier countries on the issue of control over Western weapons, the Secretary General assured.

Experts expect that first of all gangs in Africa or the Balkans will be interested in weapons from Ukraine, as was the case in Kosovo. Earlier, a senior Pentagon official admitted to reporters CNNthat Washington does not know exactly where samples of American weapons end up after they cross the Ukrainian border.

By ordering the uncontrolled distribution of weapons, including MANPADS, to the defense units, where anyone could enroll, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine opened Pandora’s box. Announcements from Ukraine about the sale of Javelins have already appeared on foreign Internet sites. The price is $30 thousand.

RT TV channel quotes the French military: “We will not have fun when they start robbing banks with Javelins”.

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