Mar 15, 2020
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Internet scammers have begun to use the fear of coronavirus

Coronavirus is walking on the planet, scammers have not stood aside.

Users began to receive letters stating that an epidemic had come to their city. Do not fall for this trick.

Online scammers have begun to take advantage of the confusion and fear of people who are afraid of contracting a coronavirus. Many of them are victims of cybercriminals trying to access sensitive data. About this writes Business Insider.

Cybersecurity researchers have identified numerous phishing attacks, starting with simple mailing. In them, the scammers are represented by employees of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO) and report that coronavirus cases have been recorded in your city. It is further suggested that you follow the link or provide your mail to read more information about cases of infection.

The links in the letters may look like real ones that redirect to the pages of the CDC or WHO, however this is a hoax. Moving the cursor below will display a real email address that does not bode well. This can be either a link to download malware, or a fake page on a site of a well-known organization that requires mail data.

Screenshot: Trustwave

Fraudsters focus on the emergency situation, so that victims act faster. WHO encourages people not to panic and think twice before entering their data on any site. Any important information about the spread of the virus will be publicly available, and no account will be required to access it.

So far, attackers operate in the countries with the largest number of infected, but this does not mean that such a letter cannot be sent to users in Russia. Be carefull.

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