May 15, 2020
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International Family Day: holiday history and best wishes

Every year May the world celebrates International Family Day, the purpose of which is to draw public attention to the importance of the family and numerous problems, faced by families.

The holiday was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in the resolution on the International Year of the Family in 1993 . She also annually publishes messages from the UN Secretary-General on the current theme of International Family Day. In 2020 the year is Families in development.

The main goals of International Family Day:

  • Emphasize the importance of family in society;
  • Remind that all families are unique;
  • Start a serious conversation about family problems that are relevant for our time.

On Family Day, it is customary to congratulate relatives with a beautiful verse, prose or postcard hug and kiss their parents. In this regard, the Communist Party in Ukraine has collected the cutest and most beautiful congratulations on this holiday.

Congratulations on Family Day in prose

I wish that love, loyalty, mutual understanding and, of course, happiness always reigned in your family! Let every moment spent next to your family bring you only joy, smiles, harmony in your soul and good mood!

Let the family always remain for everyone at the first place! Indeed, the real happiness is to love and be loved, to feel the care and support of a loved one. Let children’s laughter and the stomping of small legs not stop in each house. May peace and peace reign in your home!

Congratulations on your Family Day! I wish you only happy hours surrounded by each other, more warm feelings and sincere emotions. Let your house keep friendship, calm, strong relations, and the sun always shines over them. Keep your whole whole and never meet separation.

Family Day is the day of the foundations of our life, the day of the brightest and most sincere feelings. Congratulations to all of you! Take care of your families, love each other, believe. May peace, goodness, joy and happiness reign in every home!

Today is a beautiful, important holiday - family day! I sincerely wish to always remember what is most important in life and to value relatives, thanks to the fate of each day with them. Let the family be strong, friendly and replenished with the desired heirs!

The family is the most expensive and valuable treasure. Therefore, on International Family Day, I wish the family to be a quiet and comfortable haven. Let the support of my family help me cope with any difficulties. Let peace and love be inside the family!

Without exaggeration, we can say: the family is the most important thing that a person is rich in. Reliance, rear, support, understanding. Let everyone today remember their near and dear ones, call, write, congratulate and be glad for what kind of treasure he has. Happy International Family Day, dear!

Congratulations to everyone who draws strength and inspiration from family ties with International Family Day. The family is the support of every person, the source of his happiness and joy. We wish fortresses of family ties, warmth, coziness, harmony, love, mutual understanding and prosperity.

Congratulations on Family Day in verse

Family is a fortress, family is a house.
It should be a cozy nest for you!
Bliss of comfort and babble of children
More expensive than any tastiest sweets!

Love each other, love your home,
Love the family that is in it.
Appreciate relatives, respect, cherish,
Warm each other with the heat of your hands!

I wish you happiness for many years,
Good friends and wonderful weather.
And your tender feelings, and pleasant moments,
And the most beautiful always impressions!

If you take
Love and faithfulness,
Add to them
Feeling of tenderness,
Multiply everything
For years,
That will work out -

Happy family day to you, dear,
Happiness, joy, love,
Be faithful, love,
And take care of each other.

Live happily in the family,
Sincerely keep faithful,
You are each other enjoy,
And you don’t need anything!

For family day forget the quarrels,
All resentment and contention,
You smile at each other
And hug tightly.

Let everything be okay with you,
In the house it’s warm - friendly, comfortable,
For many wonderful years
Of course you were together!

On a wonderful holiday - family day
I wish fidelity, love,
Wealth, fidelity, wealth.
And may happiness last forever!

Family is happiness, love and ud cha,
The family is a summer trip to the country.
The family is a holiday, family dates,
Gifts, shopping, good spending.

Birth of children, first step, first babble,
Dreams of good, excitement and awe.
Family is work, care for each other,
Family is a lot of homework.

Family - it is important! Family is difficult!
But living alone is impossible!
Always be together, take care of love,
Drive offenses and quarrels away,

I want my friends to talk about us:
What a good family you are!

The family will support us everywhere
Will not leave us in grief and misfortune.
A family is always in the rear
He will support and save loving.

When no one can help
It will always help you.
So I wish only one thing -
May goodness reign in the family.

Congratulations on Family Day
All of you, dear!
So that in happiness and love
you live all the time!
That the house with a full bowl
be yours without fail,
And that you live in it

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