Jan 24, 2021
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Internal chakras: how to open them and how to work with them

Internal chakras: how to open them and how to work with them

Spiritual development for any person should be above the total. It’s as if we stop developing in this flow, start showing trepidation, insecurity and problems. The experts talked about which chakras will help you to be yourself.

Previously, experts have already talked about how to open the love and financial chakra. Now is the time to learn about the third chakra fellow. This is not one, but two focuses at once, which together work for the benefit of a person’s inner development.

The inner chakras are also called the sublime chakras, as if they are located in the head area. Responsible for the spiritual development of a person Ajna and Sahasrara

Ajna located in the area between the eyes in the forehead area, therefore it is also called the third burkala. She is responsible for the basic human senses: hearing, scent, sight, touch and taste. She is also responsible for intuition, which is also important. The most basic function of Ajna, according to experts, is the connection of a person with the spiritual world. Ajna’s weakness leads to a person’s callousness, anger, negativity, and an exacerbation of harmful modes.

Also, Ajna has a direct connection with the intellect of a person, with his memory. When it closes or does not work at full strength, a person becomes unconscious, confused, uncollected. People with a very untwisted frontal chakra are devoid of stereotypical thinking, the five understand those around them. This is, among other things, the psychic chakra, the development of which helps in clairvoyance, the prophecy of the future.

The second inner chakra – Sahasrara… It is placed higher than others – on the top of the head. If Ajna is responsible for connecting with the spiritual world, then Sahasrara is responsible for the direct inner growth of a person, his wisdom, the formation of an individual view. She also helps in the development of creativity. The light upper chakra deprives a person of fearlessness and pride.

People who have not developed a real chakra do not recognize the spirituality of this world. They are drowning in doubts and think that the world is only pennies, power, material values. It is considered that Sahasrara is responsible for human intelligence, like Ajna. These two chakras are connected and support the energy of the friend of the friend. If only one of them should be deep.

Talisman stones: The most important stones for awakening the upper chakra of a person are jade, aquamarine, topaz.

Decoration and color of clothes: from jewelry it is worth highlighting items made of gold. The most important colors in clothes: lilac and lilac.

Essential flavor to awaken this chakra – jasmine.

Sahasraru strengthens learning. You need to constantly do something new – learn languages, look for new addictions and hobbies. When a person is idle, the real chakra weakens. It is worth remembering for a century that the Sahasrara opens longer than any other chakra. It is impossible to make it stronger in a day, a week, or even a month. We must work on it continuously. Communication with interesting and wise people who can teach us something is very important for its functioning.

Talisman stones: Citrine, amber, aventurine, tourmaline and lapis lazuli are the most important stones for awakening the human frontal chakra.

Decoration and color of clothes: Platinum jewelry represents the most successful for the awakening of this chakra. For Ajna to flourish, go for more indigo and other shades of cornflower blue.

Essential flavor to awaken this chakra – mint.

Unlike Sahasrara, Ajna is activated very briskly, but it can fade just as briskly. The most important way to awaken this chakra is to practice inner practices. These can be prayers or meditations.

The Buddhist meditation “The Path of Destiny” influences the work of these two energy focuses of the human body very importantly. It is also worth doing an idolized business, setting new targets and reaching them.

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